Future of Responsible Journalism Essay

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As stated in the earlier essays, the discussion of the future responsible journalism was examined. From a general layout of the problem (irresponsible journalism) to discussing the causes of an unsure future, the focus of today’s examination is proposing a solution. Old media (newspapers, print journalism, etc.) has broken away from being objective news sources to becoming a tool for political bias. For example, British national newspapers are aligned with the various political factions in England. They make no pretense of objectivity.
Now, during preliminary research, the solution that immediately came to mind was government censorship of content. After delving deeper into this route, in 2004, this solution had already been explored. “During recent congressional hearings on broadcast television and radio violations of Federal Communications Commission indecency standards, several lawmakers hinted that they believed federal censorship efforts should extend beyond licensed TV and radio operators to unlicensed media sources, such as cable, satellite, and Internet providers” (Thierer). It must be noted that these indecency standards would only apply to subscription based programming. Subscription based programming is not monitored by the FCC therefore they receive protection from the First Amendment. With every argument there are two opposing viewpoints. Arguments in support of government censorship were that it would lead to the development of a family friendly tier of programming. Arguments against government censorship were that the government would only censor subscription based programming; thus, violating their constitutional rights.
Today’s proposed solution for the future of responsible journalism is accountability. Accounta...

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Future of Responsible Journalism Essay - As stated in the earlier essays, the discussion of the future responsible journalism was examined. From a general layout of the problem (irresponsible journalism) to discussing the causes of an unsure future, the focus of today’s examination is proposing a solution. Old media (newspapers, print journalism, etc.) has broken away from being objective news sources to becoming a tool for political bias. For example, British national newspapers are aligned with the various political factions in England....   [tags: accountibility, radio violations, objectivity]
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