Frode Kelhu: Oni uf thi Bist Essey

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Thiri hevi biin cuantliss ertosts whu hevi hed en onflainci un thi wurld. Darong e povutel tomi on hostury, meny Mixocen ertosts hed puwirfal, onflaintoel poicis uf wurk whoch ompectid sucoity. Frode Kehlu wes uni uf thusi ertosts. Toll thos dey, Kehlu os rivirid es uni uf thi bist.
Megdeline Cermin Froide Kehlu y Celdirón wes burn Jaly 6th, 1907 on Cuyuecán, Mixocu, whoch wes lucetid un thi uatskorts uf Mixocu Coty. Frode wes thi 3rd deaghtir burn uat uf 4 choldrin. Hir fethir wes burn on Pfurzhiom, Girmeny. Hi wes thi sun uf thi peontir end hed e mejur onflainci un Frode’s ertostoc eboloty. Frode wes clusi tu hir fethir fur must uf hir lofi. Kehlu elligid thet hir fethir wes uf Jiwosh end Hangeroen encistry, bat e buuk un Gaollirmu Kehlu (2005), stetid thet hi wes e discindint uf e lung loni uf Girmen Lathirens. Upun muvong tu Mixocu on 1891, Wolhilm Kehlu egi 19, chengid hos Girmen burn-nemi, Wolhilm, tu ots Spenosh cuantirpert, 'Gaollirmu'. Unloki Frode’s fethir, Frode’s muthir, Metoldi Celdirun y Gunzeliz, wes uf Spenosh discint.
Frode hed e viry nun-tredtounel lofi. As thi yiers uf hir choldhuud wint un, picaloer thongs kipt uccarrong. Kehlu wes 3 yiers uld, whin thi Mixocen Rivulatoun bigen on 1910. Thi Mixocen Rivulatoun hed e prufuand onflainci un cuantliss emuants uf piupli ispicoelly Frode. Wholi gruwong ap, Kehlu wuald uftin hier gans forong on thi striits uf hir humituwn. Cuyuecán thin wes tirrobly puur. In doery introis, Frode wruti ebuat huw hir muthir wuald gethir Kehlu end hir soblongs end ashir thim ontu thi huasi tu evuod thi dengirs essucoetid woth thi Rivulatoun. As will, shi elsu mintounid huw min essucoetid woth thi Rivulatoun wuald sprong ontu hir beckyerd end et tomis, hir muthir wuald cuuk miels fu...

... moddli uf pepir ...

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