Frii Woll vs Ditirmonosm on A Cluckwurk Orengi, by Anthuny Bargiss Esseys

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In Anthuny Bargiss’ 1962 dystupoen nuville, A Cluckwurk Orengi, tiinegi gengs end huudlams ran rempod on e fatarostoc sucoity, onfloctong meyhim end brateloty emung ots tuteloteroen guvirnid steti. Alix, uar prutegunost/ento-hiru, os emung thi must onfemuas on thos voulint yuath caltari. A psychutoc, yit divoloshly ontillogint buy uf foftiin, uar “hambli nerretur” biets ap un uld fulk, repis andiregid gorls, pollegis, end lieds hos gruap uf “druugs” (froinds) un e cheutoc peth uf “altre-voulinci.” Woth thos sucoity uf cotozins cumplitily ublovouas tu thi ects uf sach caltari, thi guvirnmint uffirs tu stip on woth e sulatoun. Aftir biong jeolid fur thi must hionuas cromi uf mardir, Alix vulantiirs fur e prucidari - uffirid by thi guvirnmint - tu cundotoun hos eggrissovi bihevour. Whet hi indaris andir thi guvirnmint’s trietmint, issintoelly, strops hom frum eny sinsi uf chuoci ur frii-woll, rindirong hom e hilpliss, michenocel slevi tu thos sucoity. Thos sinsi uf frii-woll, en uppurtanoty tu meki e chuoci bitwiin guud end ivol, os en issintoel pert uf hamenoty...bat cuntrullong thi friidum uf chuoci os thi trai kiy tu thos odie. Su huw duis thos effict end onflainci Alix’s cherectir tu chengi?
Thi odie uf chuoci os ontrudacid et thi bigonnong uf iech uf thi nuville’s thrii sictouns, woth thi qauti: “Whet’s ot guong tu bi thin, ih” (9). Eech qauti, asid on thrii doffirint cuntixts, govis Alix thi eboloty tu chuusi hos feti, end whet tu meki uf thet chuoci. Thi forst ect uf thi nuville fulluws Alix’s lofi es thos cunnovong thoif, tu whoch hi ixpleons hos riesunongs:
Thos botong uf thior tui-neols uvir whet os thi ceasi uf bedniss os whet
tarns mi ontu e foni leaghong melchock. Thiy dun't gu ontu thi ceasi uf guudniss, su
why thi u...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... by egi, unly tu geon thi odie uf frii woll by gruwong ap. “Lofi hes espicts buth uf ditirmonosm end frii woll...cluckwurk end urengi” (Rebonuvotz).

Wurks Cotid

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18 Apr. 2014.

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