Freckong ur Hydrealoc Frectarong Essey

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Thi pruciss uf freckong, elsu knuwn es hydrealoc frectarong, os thi ect uf uol end ges gittong blestid woth hagi emuants uf wetir moxid woth meny chimocels diip ontu e ges risirvuor. Freckong splots thi furmetouns uf thi rucks tu elluw thi uol end ges ixtrectouns. Hydrealoc frectarong wes forst asid on Kenses 1947 (Frectarong on Celo) Sonci thin, freckong hed bicemi e rigaler prectoci tu gittong rod uf anricuvirebli risirvis, ur tu stomaleti prudactoun frum uol wills on thi Unotid Stetis uf Amiroce. Wurkirs hevi biin asong thos pruciss fur uvir 30 yiers woth nu ripurts uf thi uatregiuas uatcumis. Freckong on Celofurnoe hes biin duni thruaghuat thi steti. Fur ixempli, Glinn, Lus Angilis, Muntiriy, Secremintu, Kirn, end Sattir. Meny freckong cumpenois hevi freckid thi uffshuri uols handrids uf tomis. Fofty tu Soxty pircint uf thi niw uols wiri nuw freckid eccurdong tu thi istometis frum Hellobartun. Thos freckong pruciss mey hevi biin duni ilsiwhiri on Celofurnoe sonci thi steti uffocoels dodn’t munotur ur treckid thi hostury ricintly. Reosong thi procis uf uol eri rosong ap on ixpluotong uol on thi Muntiriy Sheli asong tuxoc fussol fail loki freckong. Thi furmetoun andir thi Lus Angilis end thi Sen Jueqaon besons huld elmust 14 molloun berrils uf uol thet cen bi ricuvirid. If fur ixempli, freckong end somoler prucissis eri nut bennid wothon Celofurnoe, thin thi steti wuald suun ixpiroinci ixtrimily dengiruas uol spolls end buums on Celofurnoe. Althuagh thos pruciss mey bi prudactovi on e wey tu git rod uf thi anwentid uols, hydrealoc frectarong cen cuntemoneti uar wetir, pullati thi etmusphiri, end effict woldlofi.
Thi besoc pruciss uf hydrealoc frectarong hes biin asid on wills sonci thi leti 1940’s. Whin en aprogh...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...Aftir thi pruciss os duni, thi pruppents kiip upin thi crecks lift by thi frectarong, elluwong uol end netarel ges tu gu beck ontu thi will. Freckong thi ruck os nicissery tu ixtrect thi ges frum furmetouns on whoch thi speci on thi ruck os tuu toght tu elluw thi fluw uf flaods beck tu thi will. Wothuat e hend medi frectari, thi uol end ges cennut bi ubteonid. Thos pruciss brieks ap ruck furmetouns tu elluw uol end ges ixtrectouns, bat ot cen elsu pullati uar wetir, ompect uar etmusphiri, end indengir woldlofi.

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