Fracking or Hydraulic Fracturing Essay

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The process of fracking, also known as hydraulic fracturing, is the act of oil and gas getting blasted with huge amounts of water mixed with many chemicals deep into a gas reservoir. Fracking splits the formations of the rocks to allow the oil and gas extractions. Hydraulic fracturing was first used in Kansas 1947 (Fracturing in Cali) Since then, fracking had became a regular practice to getting rid of unrecoverable reserves, or to stimulate production from oil wells in the United States of America. Workers have been using this process for over 30 years with no reports of the outrageous outcomes. Fracking in California has been done throughout the state. For example, Glenn, Los Angeles, Monterey, Sacramento, Kern, and Sutter. Many fracking companies have fracked the offshore oils hundreds of times. Fifty to Sixty percent of the new oils were now fracked according to the estimates from Halliburton. This fracking process may have been done elsewhere in California since the state officials didn’t monitor or tracked the history recently. Raising the prices of oil are rising up in exploiting oil in the Monterey Shale using toxic fossil fuel like fracking. The formation under the Los Angeles and the San Joaquin basins hold almost 14 million barrels of oil that can be recovered. If for example, fracking and similar processes are not banned within California, then the state would soon experience extremely dangerous oil spills and booms in California. Although this process may be productive in a way to get rid of the unwanted oils, hydraulic fracturing can contaminate our water, pollute the atmosphere, and affect wildlife.
The basic process of hydraulic fracturing has been used in wells since the late 1940’s. When an uprigh...

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...After the process is done, the proppants keep open the cracks left by the fracturing, allowing oil and natural gas to go back into the well. Fracking the rock is necessary to extract the gas from formations in which the space in the rock is too tight to allow the flow of fluids back to the well. Without a hand made fracture, the oil and gas cannot be obtained. This process breaks up rock formations to allow oil and gas extractions, but it can also pollute our water, impact our atmosphere, and endanger wildlife.

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