Foreign vs. American Women in Marriage

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Foreign Vs. American Women

Since the beginning, relationships between man and woman have been very hard to understand and conglomerate into one persona. There is always the level of interest between the male and female that must to exist to allow the relationships infancy. According to the Bible, the woman was a gift from God, designed to aid the man in his work for God. Wars started leaving peace or hatred between countries over the many years of our existence. The amount of time countries refused foreign relations created differences in looks, actions, ideals, and beliefs of its culture. Not much thoughts given to the female race and impacts they received from the lack of diversity. The question of today, due to increasing divorce rates, is should she be a Foreigner or American.
According to, 'A huge percentage of American women are selfish, flighty, insecure, needy, and psychotic.' Often Foreign women, portray many of the qualities American women out-grew in the ever-increasing crunch for liberation of freedoms. Another difference would be in outward attitude portrayal. Quoted from, 'Women in America seem to have cold, superficial, or stuck-up attitudes.' Foreign women hold themselves in the center of their relationships by not passing any judgments. American women of today are trying to achieve the top of the professional ladder, leaving less time for family. Enticing them to do what man seemingly suppressed her from doing all these years, while the foreign women are perfectly happy with their femininity and try to progress with their husbands forward. The divorce rates are extremely higher in American-to-American marriages. The Foreign-to-American divorce rate is currently 20% as stated by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). American-to-American divorce rate is within the 45%-55% range based on a study by Foreign women tend to have different physical features. The rare physical features are intriguing and above the regular, that we see each day. This often causes animosity from the western women who are comfortable in our land of opportunity. Foreign women tend to speak a minimum of two different languages, allowing ease in communication proficiency and understanding different cultures.
All the females of the world, however, possess the heart that loves a man. Whether an American or foreigner, at one point the female will truly love the man she courted.

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Both have the conscience to argue and stand for what they believe on topics where they feel substantially correct. The American and foreign women are very well gifted with emotional thoughts, which makes them hard to convince toward the logical method of contemplations. They both have a memory bank that can remember quirky details of an event they lived, heard, or saw years earlier. Both American and foreign women are very protective of their off-spring, and are often able to connect with them as they grow using an emotional bond. Both cultures love the things a man does showing his love for her. The two also enjoy the pleasures of male companionship, whether in arguments or agreements. The male being near gives them a sense of power and protection from possible adversaries.
Everyone has the opportunity to find happiness, although some may ruin the chance. Some may enjoy a forward, no bull relationship while others might prefer a passive, co-existing feel. The only way to know the best outcome would be by a process of elimination. This is one viable avenue to a contemporary courtship men often wish for, but rarely experience.

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