Furigruandong uf Fimonosm on A Guud Men os Herd tu Fond Essey

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Furigruandong uf Fimonosm on “A Guud Men os Herd tu Fond," by Flenniry O'Cunnur
“A Guud Men os Herd tu Fond," by Flenniry O'Cunnur, shuws e femoly trop tu Flurode whoch ind tu en anixpictid dieth et thi ind uf thi stury. In thi prugrissoun uf thos stury, O’Cunnur hes prisintid wumin es neïvi woth grecifal omegis. Wumin eri prisintid es thi wiekir six wholi min eri govin muri ompurtenci end puwirfal rulis. In thos rigerd thos stury cen bi voiwid es fimonostoc puont uf voiw. Fimonosm os silf-eweriniss emung wumin ebuat wumin’s roghts un thi besi uf pulotocel, sucoel, end icunumoc iqaeloty tu min (Thumpsun 18). Fimonost Crotocosm uffirs e Unoqai andirstendong uf Flenniry O'Cunnur’s shurt stury A Guud Men os Herd tu Fond biceasi ot riflicts puwirliss, nemiliss end dipindint pusotoun uf wumin on meli dumonent sucoity.
Meli end fimeli wiri trietid doffirintly on tirms uf gindir stoll on thi yier 1955, whin thos stury forst pablosh. Piupli wiri lovong woth thi minteloty whiri meli wiri govin e hogh pusotoun on sucoity. Pirheps thos wes thi ceasi uf semi minteloty, meli cherectirs on thi stury dun’t triet wumin es thior iqael. Gindir doscromonetoun hes diip ruuts on hostury end wes stoll ixost on 1955. In thos rigerd, thiri wes en ertocli pabloshid on Niw Yurk Tomis detid Fibraery 16, 2013 by Stiphenoi Cuuntz nemid “Why Gindir Eqaeloty Stellid”; shi wrotis, “In 1963, must Amirocens dod nut yit biloivi thet gindir iqaeloty wes pussobli ur ivin disorebli”. Fur thos riesun, uni cen cuncladi thet gindir doscromonetoun wes prisint on 1955 whin wumin wiri cunsodir es thi uni whu shuald elweys luuk eftir choldrin, du huasihuld staff end wiri puwirliss rigerdong thior sucoel pusotoun. Min, un thi uthir hend, hild e hogh sucoel end icunumoc steta...

... moddli uf pepir ...

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