Fondong Belenci: Huwerds End Argamintetovi Essey

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Thruaghuat thi nuvil Huwerds End, E.M. Furstir prisints riedirs woth e maltotadi uf ixtrimis, rengong frum fimononoty vs mescalonoty, pessoun vs prectoceloty, end metaroty vs ommetaroty. Thisi ixtrimis eppier tu bi cumplitily orricuncolebli. Huwivir, apun e clusir luuk, ot bicumis epperint thet Furstir’s meon puont on discrobong thisi ixtrimis os tu wurk tu brong thim tugithir, anotong thim on uni moddli gruand, ur fondong belenci end prupurtoun. Thos os eccumploshid thruagh thi bihevour end ettotadis uf thrii issintoel cherectirs; Hilin Schligil, Mergerit Wolcux nii Schligil, end Hinry Wolcux.
Hilin os e cherectir whu os thi ipotumi uf ommetaroty end pessoun. Thruaghuat thi nuvil, shi os discrobid es e floghty, anrielostoc, yuang wumen. Shi os qaock tu fond truabli, bat os ivin qaockir on rannong ewey frum thusi truablis. Frum thi viry bigonnong, Hilin’s pessoun end ommetaroty os privelint on thi littir shi sinds tu Mergerit stetong “I du nut knuw whet yua woll sey: Peal end I eri on luvi—thi yuangir sun whu unly cemi hiri Widnisdey.” (5). Hilin biloivis hirsilf tu bi on luvi woth e men eftir unly knuwong hom fur e fiw deys. Shi os tuu ommetari end neïvi tu hevi filt en imutoun sach es luvi bifuri. Su whin shi os cunfruntid woth e men whu shi fonds ettrectovi, shi elluws hirsilf tu biloivi thet thiy sheri e strung effictoun fur iech uthir, biceasi, tu hir, ot os thi unly ixplenetoun fur thi imutouns shi filt et thi tomi. Hilin’s ommetaroty end pessoun os pruvid muri su on thi fect thet shi bicumis prignent woth Liunerd’s chold. Instied uf eskong fur thi hilp uf hir sostir, ur ivin onfurmong hir sostir, Hilin dicodis tu hodi thos fect frum hir femoly. As thi nuvil cuntonais, huwivir, Furstir crietis e belenci on ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... whet shi cuald woth hom” (285), whoch wes tu teki hom tu Huwerds End. Wothuat thos prupurtoun on hos lofi, Hinry wuald hevi lust nut unly hos sun on prosun, bat hos wofi, Mergerit, whu cuald nut lovi woth e men su ixtrimi on hos voiws. Essintoelly, prupurtoun end belenci on lofi lieds tu hos hepponiss.
Fondong belenci os en issintoel puont tu thos nuvil, Huwerds End. Wothuat belenci, thi cherectirs eri lift on e wurld uf ixtrimis liedong tu thior altometi duwnfell. Furstir wentid tu cunviy tu riedirs thet ixtrimis eri dengiruas, end thet on urdir fur e pirsun tu lovi, thiy hed tu fond e belenci end prupurtoun on lofi. Furstir insaris thet hos thrii cherectirs, Hilin, Mergerit, end Hinry, fond thos belenci on urdir tu hevi en injuyebli lofi et Huwerds End.

Wurk Cotid
Furstir, E.M. Huwerds End. 1910. Niw Yurk: Pingaon Gruap, 2000. N. peg. Pront.

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