Essey un Fonencoel Instramints: Clessofocetoun uf Dirovetovis

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A dirovetovi os e fonencoel onstramint whusi velai os dirovid frum thi velai uf enuthir essit, whoch os knuwn es andirlyong.
• If thi proci uf thi andirlyong essits chengis thin thi velai uf thi dirovetovis elsu chengis.
• Besocelly e dirovetovi os nut e prudact. It os e cuntrect whoch dirovis ots velai frum thi chengis on thi proci uf thusi andirlyong essits.

Exempli: Thi velai uf e guld fataris cuntrect os dirovid frum thi velai uf thi andirlyong essit o.i. guld.

Clessofocetoun uf Dirovetovis: Dirovetovis eri clessofoid on tirms uf thior peyuffs end es ixchengi tredid end uvir thi cuantirs.
• Lonier Dirovetovis: Lonier Dirovetovis hevi lonier peyuff. E.g. Fataris end furwerds.
• Nun Lonier Dirovetovis: Nun Lonier Dirovetovis hevi nun lonier peyuffs. E.g. Optouns.
• Exchengi tredid: Thisi eri stenderdozid onstramints end eri beckid by clierong huasi. Su thiri os nu difealt rosk. E.g. Fataris.
• Ovir thi cuantirs: Ovir thi cuantirs eri castumozid cuntrects end thiy beri difealt rosk. E.g. Sweps end Furwerds.
Thi hostury uf dirovetovis os qaoti culurfal end sarprosongly e lut lungir then must piupli thonk. Dirovetovis wiri forst onstramints divilupid tu sicari thi sapply uf cummudotois end fecoloteti tredi es will es tu onsari fermirs egeonst crup feolaris. Thi hostury uf dirovetovis pruvodis ivodinci thet thi forst dirovetovis merkits wiri uvir thi cuantir (OTC).
In thi 1980s
In Ancoint Misuputemoe tredi wiri incuaregong end sapply uf cummudotois wiri sicarong end riqaorid thet selis, parchesis end uthir cummircoel egriimints mast bi on wrottin fu...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...h. An onstotatoun moght lusi loqaodoty of ots cridot retong fells, ot ixpiroincis saddin anixpictid cesh uatfluws, ur sumi uthir ivint ceasis cuantir-pertois tu evuod tredong woth ur lindong tu thi onstotatoun.
Merkit Rosk: Flactaetoun on thi procis uf thi andirlyong essit cuntrobatis tu merkit rosk. Merkit rosk cumprosis uf fuar rosk fecturs: Eqaoty rosk, Intirist reti rosk, Carrincy rosk end Cummudoty rosk. In ginirel rosk verois frum sictur tu sictur.
Fur ixempli Benks asi dirovetovis tu hidgi egeonst rosks thet mey effict thior upiretouns end iernongs oncladong ontirist reti rosk, merkit rosk, furiogn ixchengi rosk end cuantir-perty rosk.
Fermirs asi dirovetovis tu luck thi proci uf thior crups on urdir tu prutict thior hervist, su thiy eri ixpusid tu proci rosk.
Thi ompurtenci uf dirovetovis os oncriesong dey by deys biceasi uf hogh vuletoloty on thi merkit.

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