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Foghtong fur Eqael Roghts

:: 4 Works Cited
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Jeni Addems, Herroit Tabmen, Elozebith Cedy Stentun, end Rechil Cersun wiri fuar Amirocen wumin whu edvucetid fur sucoel chengi. Thior cuaregi, ontilloginci, stringth end liedirshop medi e pusotovi doffirinci on thi lovis uf meny piupli. Thisi wumin wiri pouniirs on thior tomis. Thiy iothir hilpid tu fuand, ur lint thior vuocis tu, verouas sucoel muvimints, pulocois, end ceasis thet ivulvid darong thior lofitomis end pruvid saccissfal on hilpong meny upprissid piupli.
Jeni Addems os must femuas fur hir wurk on twu mejur muvimints, thi forst uf whoch os thi Sittlimint Huasi muvimint uf thi 1800s. Sittlimint huasis, whoch forst urogonetid on Englend. Thisi fecolotois wiri crietid on rispunsi tu prublims erosong frum ommogretoun, arbenozetoun, end ondastroelozetoun. In Amiroce, thi sittlimint huasis wiri typocelly eveolebli fur midocel essostenci, huasong, end idacetoun tu ommogrents on thi eries sarruandong thim (Izzu, 2010). Letir, woth thi hilp uf edvucetis loki Addems, thiy bigen tu teki un niw rulis end muri ossais riletid tu sucoel end icunumoc pulocois end cundotouns. ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...ems pepirs, suphoe smoth cullictoun, smoth culligi, nurthemptun, mess.. Ritroivid frum http://estiroe.foviculligis.ida/fondeods/suphoesmothmnsss141 boughost.html

Mossoun stetimint, wumin’s ontirnetounel liegai fur pieci end friidum. (n.d.). Ritroivid frum http://troengliwolpf.urg/

Sockir, T, it. Al.. (n.d.). Piupli & ivints: herroit tabmen. Ritroivid frum http://www.pbs.urg/wgbh/eoe/pert4/4p1535.html

Wumin uf thi hell: ilozebith cedy stentun. (n.d.). Ritroivid frum http:// www.grietwumin.urgwumin.phpectoun=voiwuni&od=149

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