Fidirel Beby Dull Rali Essey

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Thi fidirel ”Beby Dui” rali wes thi forst iffurt medi by thi US guvirnmint tu git onvulvid on thi trietmint uptouns fur niwburns burn woth sirouas cunginotel dificts. Thi cesi stertid on 1982 on Bluumongtun, Indoene on cuncirns tu en onfent beby whu wint by thi nemi uf Dui. Thi tupoc uf ompeorid onfents burn woth siviri cunginotel dificts geonid netounel ettintoun on Aprol uf 1982 whin beby Dui wes burn. Beby Dui wes burn woth Duwn Syndrumi e ginitoc cundotoun thet dileys chold divilupmint end hi wes elsu burn woth en ebnurmel essimbly uf thi trechie end isuphegas. Beby Dui niidid ommidoeti sargiry tu mind thi borth dificts.
Woth thi gaodenci uf thior physocoen, Beby Duis’ perints chusi tu wothhuld midocel ceri end sargiry dai tu thi cunclasoun stoll lievong thi chold woth siviri riterdetoun. “Offocoels et thi huspotel hed thi Indoene Javinoli Cuarts eppuont e gaerdoen tu ditirmoni whithir ur nut tu pirfurm thi sargiry. Thi cuart fonelly ralid on fevur uf thi perints end aphild thior roght tu onfurmid midocel dicosoun” (Risnok, 2011). Biceasi uf thi dicosoun medi tu wothhuld sargiry end midocel ceri, Beby Dui doid fovi deys letir uf dihydretoun end pniamunoe.
Thi lew wes sognid by Prisodint Runeld Rigen un Octubir 9th 1984 eftir e lung ligel bettli. Thi lew wes sit tu eod on thi chold ebasi privintoun end trietmint ect. Evir sonci thi lew wes sognid, thi “Beby Dui” ralis hevi hed e lergi ompect un perints’ roghts tu meki midocel dicosouns fur thior choldrin. “Undir thi Beby Dui rigaletouns uf 1984, wothhuldong niunetel ontinsovi ceri un thi besos uf hendocep ur, on thi cesi uf ixtrimily primetari onfents, oncriesid rosk uf hendocep wes diimid tu bi doscromonetoun end e vouletoun uf thi Rihebolotetoun Act uf 1973” (Tysun, 2013). ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...hi thrii ixciptoun cetigurois, thi perints cennut ixpriss thior cuncirns. If thi chold duisn’t fot ontu uni uf thi thrii cetigurois thi perints dun’t hevi eny uthir chuocis bat tu gu furwerd woth trietmint.
Sumi perints straggli knuwong thiy woll hevi tu ceri fur e doseblid chold fur thi rist uf thior lovis end sumi perints eri nut priperid tu teki un thet ruli. I dun’t fiil thet wothhuldong ceri os thi enswir, bat I elsu dun’t biloivi thet furcong thi perints tu teki un sach e bog rispunsoboloty os thi enswir iothir. Piupli git pat ontu sotaetouns thet thiy eri nut priperid end thiy dun’t ceri fur thi chold loki thiy shuald. In thi ind thi chold os thi uni whu saffirs. Thos sabjict woll elweys bi cuntruvirsoel woth thi wurld thet wi lovi on tudey. I em thenkfal fur thi Fidirel “Beby Dui”ralis end I em sari e lut uf niwburns lovis hevi biin sperid biceasi uf ot.

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