Feasibility Study Of The Bangus Business

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Bangus raising will generally take approximately four (4) months in order to be viable in the market for sale. Aside from the four-month raising period, the fishpond must be grown with algae that will serve as natural food for the bangus being raised. In connection with this, several types of fertilizers are needed to assists the growth of these algae. The table below will show the fertilizers that will be used along with its required volume and estimated prices provided by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources – Cagayan de Oro City Chapter.

Fertilizers Price Volume
14 – 14 - 14 P 1,000 per sack 1 sack
Urea P 1,000 per sack 2 sacks
Lime (Apog) P 2.65 per kilogram 1,000 kilograms
Fig. Fertilizers needed in 10,000 sq. m. fishpond as provided by BFAR.

At the start of the business operation, the bangus fingerlings will be purchased. As suggested by the BFAR personnel, fingerlings stock will be bought at Opol since it is closer to the business area. However as the business continues, the group decided to have stunting pond nearby for enough supply of fingerlings all-year around. The fish nets needed for the pond will be bought from a supplier recommended by the BFAR though subject to change when a cheaper supplier will be available. The table below shows the volume and estimated prices for the bangus fingerlings and fishnets that will be needed during the course of the business.

Bangus fingerlings (1 – 2 inches) P 2.00 per fingerling 15,000 fingerlings
Fish nets
Fig. The volume and prices of fingerlings, as well as, fishnets for 10,000 sq.m. pond.

The bangus fingerlings need five (5) types of commercial feeds in order grow in good-quality for sale. Due to its well-known and high-quality products, the group decided to have B-MEG as the business’ supplier for the bangus feeds needed. The proceeding table illustrates the different types of commercial feeds needed, as well as, their corresponding prices and volume. The computation for the required volume of these feeds can be seen at the exhibit of the paper.
Commercial feeds Price Volume
B-MEG Premium Bangus Fry Mash
B-MEG Premium Bangus Starter Crumble
B-MEG Premium Bangus Starter Pellet
B-MEG Premium Bangus Grower Pellet
B-MEG Premium Bangus Finisher Pellet P 25.00 per kilogram
P 25.00 per kilogram
P 25.00 per kilogram
P 25.00 per kilogram
P 25.00 per kilogram 4.73 kilograms
162.00 kilograms
1,489.50 kilograms
2,565 kilograms
3,888 kilograms
Fig. Commercial feeds needed for approximately 15,000 fingerlings for four months.

Upon harvesting the bangus that are matured enough to be sold in the market, these will be placed in the ice box full of ice in order to ensure its freshness and to avoid spoilage.

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The group agreed to buy the ice supplies for the fresh bangus at the CDO Ice Plant located at Cogon Market. The ice box, on the other hand, will be bought in Unitop, though; it is subject to change in case a cheaper but high-quality ice box supplier will be available.

Price Quantity
Ice box Size:
Extra Large (XL)
Large (L)
P 335.00
P 275.00
5 pieces
5 pieces
Ice P 5.00 per pala 5 palas

Boneless bangus, boneless marinated, and boneless dried bangus are the processed bangus products of Bangus Espesyal and these required further processing after harvest. This would eventually mean more materials needed, as well as, costs. The tables below will show the additional materials needed for the processing of the other bangus products of the business.

Materials Price Quantity
Mosquito forceps, straight 10 pieces
Cutting board 10 pieces
Knife 10 pieces
Utility tray 10 pieces
Basin 10 pieces
Fig. Materials needed for deboning the bangus.

Packaging Materials Price Quantity
Polyethylene bag P 176.00 per bag 5 bags
Hand sealers Approx. P2,000 per piece 2 pieces
Fig. Materials needed for packaging the processed bangus products.

Ingredients Prices Quantity
Soy Sauce

The above-mentioned ingredients will be purchased in bulk by the business in order to have discounts and other privileges that will be offered by the supplier. The Soy Sauce and Vinegar will be bought at La Victoria store located at Cogon Market since it has a cheaper price for the said products as compared to other retail and wholesale stores in the city. The spices needed for the processing of the products will be purchased in Agora Market since it has an ample supply of these raw materials and is cheaper than in other markets.

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