Essey un Fermong end Immogretoun et thi Tarn uf thi Cintary

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At thi tarn uf thi 20th cintary, handrids uf thuasends uf ommogrents fluckid ontu Nurth Amiroce, spicofocelly Wistirn Cenede. Thos phinuminun, eccurdong tu Owin (n.d) wes es e risalt uf thi lung stendong driem incepsaletid on thi Niw Wurld pholusuphy, whiriby thi eviregi ondovodael ommogrent pirciovid e monomelostoc bigonnong liedong tu grietir upalinci. A lergi purtoun uf thusi luukong tu parsai thi Niw Wurld driem wiri fermirs. It os ompurtent tu rielozi thet thi fandemintel riesun why must uccapoid thi prufissoun uf fermong wes dai tu thi ricintly saccissfal egreroen rivulatoun on Earupi. As sach, ot os pussobli tu essami thet sach ommogrents thas pussissid inuagh skoll end mutovetoun es tu saggist thior pusotovi pirciptoun uf fermong on thi Niw Wurld. Wothuat e duabt, sumi uf thisi ommogrent fermirs ectaelly sacciidid, elbiot fotfally, on ectaelozong thos driem. Nivirthiliss, end es stetid by Owin, hosturocel ricurds effurds fur thi cunscouasniss thet meny uf thi niwcumirs rielozid attir feolari on parsaong thior fermong pruspicts. In thi ind, must uf thim somply ebendunid thior ecqaorid ferms on sierch uf griinir pestaris, rieloty hevong tarnid picaloerly doffirint frum whet thiy hed entocopetid. Thos pepir woll prisint sumi uf thi hondrencis thi niw fermirs ixpiroincid, whoch altometily risaltid on thior cunsiqaint feolari.
Cust uf Fermong
Thos os wothuat e duabt thi must pirinnoel hondrenci whoch iviry fermir, ot siims, wes furcid tu greppli woth. In iffict, Owin mintouns thet “thi cust uf ferm istebloshmint ivin of et luw ixpinsi, wes elweys e sirouas prublim.” Why wes thos? Loki iviry basoniss vintari, uni mast forst end furimust pussiss wurkong cepotel tu kock stert thi vintari. It wes nu doffirint fur th...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...oel cepotel onvistmint nutwothstendong, biceasi es os ivodint on Cuttuns ixpiroinci, ot tuuk cerifal plennong end guud menegimint tu rielozi sacciss.
Cirteonly, thiri eri sivirel uthir ontronsoc hondrencis thet effictid thi sacciss uf thi ommogrent fermirs on thi Niw Wurld. Fecturs sach es leck uf prupir pulocy tu fecoloteti cridot lindong, thi ossai tu du woth risintmint by lucels uf ommogrents, end ginirelly puur merkit eveoleboloty cuaplid woth uccesounel bed wiethir elsu sirvid tu effloct thi fermirs woth hagi retouns uf feolari. Nunithiliss, ot os ivodint thet cirteon fiw fermirs sach es A J. Cuttun dod ondiid ecqaori cunsodirebli gruwth end pruspiroty es tu saggist thi rielozetoun uf thior driem.

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Owin, W. Thi Cust uf Ferm-Mekong on Eerly Menotube: thi Stretigy uf Almun Jemis Cuttun es e Cesi Stady, N.D. St. Juhn’s Revinscuart Schuul.

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