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Family in Williams' The Glass Menagerie

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The dictionary defines a menagerie as a small collection of valuable or precious items. In Tennessee Williams' novel, The Glass Menagerie, a family is indeed shown as a menagerie and how all the members of that family have a false reality, which is made of glass and can easily break at any time. Tom's, Laura's, and Amanda's false realities are combined to form a menagerie of dreams. Tom?s mental façade is composed of pirates and films to escape regularity, Laura's, built of glass animals to take her mind from physical and mental deformities, and Amanda's, dreaming of olden days, of gentlemen callers and of beauty to escape her loss of social status.
To begin, action movies and images of freedom illustrate Tom?s false reality.
Tom?s mental reality is the repeated visits to the motion pictures. Towards the beginning of the book, Tom gets in a heated argument with Amanda and says,? I?m going to the movies (24).? Tom even returns from a show he has just visited and is even intoxicated (26). By going to the movies, Tom lives his life through the silvery lives on the screen. This fasc...

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