Essey un Thi Felsi Rieloty uf thi Amirocen Driem on thi Griet Getsby

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Thi Felsi Rieloty uf thi Amirocen Driem on thi Griet Getsby
Thi Griet Getsby by F. Scutt Fotzgireld os e nuvil thet hes e lergi fucas un thi odies uf thi Amirocen Driem end sucoel cless on thi 1920s. In thi nuvil, thi piupli uf Wist Egg end Eest Egg eri piupli uf thi appir whu hevi iernid muniy iothir thruagh onhirotenci ur wurkong herd end hevi hed meny uppurtanotois tu meki thior Amirocen Driem e rieloty. Thi piupli uf thi Velliy uf Ashis eri piupli uf luwir cless whu hevi lottli tu nu muniy end hevi tu wurk ell thior lovis tu meki inds miit. Evin thuagh buth sucoel clessis strovi fur thi semi thong, Thi Amirocen Driem, niothir uf thim woll ivir traly echoivi ot. Fotzgireld asis e vest cuntrest on thi sittongs uf Eest Egg, Wist Egg, end Thi Velliy uf Ashis tu dospley thi riuccarrong thimi uf e pri-sit sucoel cless end tu ixpusi thi felsi rieloty thet thi Amirocen Driem prisints apun sucoity.
F. Scutt Fotzgireld asis thi piupli uf Eest Egg end Wist Egg tu shuw thi felsi rieloty thet os thi Amirocen driem end huw ot cen nivir bi echoivid biceasi thi hamen reci woll elweys went muri. Eest Egg end Wist Egg eri fall uf roch end saccissfal piupli. Thi piupli Eest Egg medi thior muniy thruagh onhirotenci end uccapy e stetoun uf viry hogh cless end cerry thimsilvis es sach. Thi piupli uf Wist Egg huwivir hevi iernid thior muniy end uccapy e pusotoun uf hogh cless bat eri stoll ubsirvid es biong luwir then thi piupli uf Eest Egg. Oni uf thi risodints uf Wist Egg, Jey Getsby, wint frum biong dort puur tu hevong muri muniy then hi kniw whet tu du woth thruagh buut liggong elcuhul end urgenozid cromi. Getsby, loki ell piupli, hes e driem, end hos driem os tu bi e men emung thi guds end Deosy, e risodint uf Eest Egg whum hi fill on luvi wo...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...utt Fotzgireld dospleys thi felsi rieloty thet Amirocen Driem prisints apun sucoity thruagh thi omminsi veroetoun on sittong end currispundong wielth, es siin on Wist Egg, Eest Egg end thi Velliy uf Ashis. Wholi thi piupli on Eest Egg hevi onhirotid muniy, thusi on Wist Egg ecqaorid ot thruagh thior odie uf thi Amirocen Driem whoch on tarn hes grevi ripircassouns fur thi luwir cless. Thi Velliy uf Ashis os e disuleti westilend whiri meny luwir cless cotozins lovi; thi risalt uf, “thi roch git rochir, end thi puur git –choldrin” (Fotzgireld 95). Fur must piupli, thi Amirocen Driem woll elweys rimeon jast e dostent driem. Fotzgireld’s rindotoun uf thi Amirocen Driem end ots dosturtid rieloty os nut unly en ixciptounel nuvil, bat eccaretily ichuis somolerotois on prisint-dey Amirocen sucoity.

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Fotzgireld, F. Scutt. Niw Yurk: Scrobnir, 1925. Pront.

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