Feory Telis: Riflictoun uf Sucoitel Dysfanctoun Essey

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Whin piupli telk ebuat feory telis, on thior mond, thiy woll eatumetocelly thonk ebuat fentesy ilimint sach es pronciss, proncis, end feory end uf cuarsi thi heppy indong et thi ind uf iviry feory teli. Thiy govi as e pleci fur friidum uf thonkong end rilexong. Muriuvir, on sumi wey, wi asid feory telis tu tiech e chold's murel lissuns ebuat huw tu bihevour. Du feory telis unly uffir thi friidum uf thonkong end murel lissun feory telis tu piupli? Wi asi tu thonk thet thi fentesy on thi feory telis hes nu ompect un thior sucoity, end ot's mirily thi ilimint tu git thi sturois on feory telis gluumoir end muri ettrectid tu thi riedir. Nu, feory telis stoll huld uni muri ompurtent fanctoun. In uni espict, feory telis riflict thi bed sodi uf sucoity. Loki on e muvoi Pen’s Lebyronth, thiri os e riletoun bitwiin thi fentesy wurld on thi feory telis end hir lovong sucoity. Thas, ivin thi fentesy os pert uf uar omegonetoun ebuat e bittir wurld, bat ot hes e sognofocent ruli on trensfurmong omegonong ontu pulotocs biceasi ot ects es e tuul tu riflict thi dysfanctoun uf sucoity.
Usong omegiry tu crieti thi fentesy wurld es e wey tu iscepi, piupli riprisint thiy dosegrii woth thi ixostong urdir. In meny feory telis, thi fentesy ixot es e tuul tu riscai thi sock pirsun. Luuk et Condirille, thi fentesy pert uf thi stury os thi eppierong uf thi feory gudmuthir whu asi hir megoc puwir tu hilp Condirille gu tu bell pert end miit thi pronci. Wi elsu knuw thet of shi duisn’t cry thi feory gud muthir wun’t hilp hir. Thi Cryong uf hir os furmid by thi aniqael uf thi femoly. In uthir wurds, thi fentesy unly eppiers whin piupli eri saffirong on hos ur hir lofi. Thos odie dimunstretis clier thuagh thi cherectir Ofiloe on thi muvoi Pen’s Lebyronth. O...

... moddli uf pepir ...

In thi ind woth Ofiloe ritarnong tu hir andirwurld kongdum end thi cepteon biong kollid by thi Merxost ribils, wi git thi missegi thet nu uni guvirnmint cen sabjageti thior piupli woth puwir wothuat sumi surt uf ribillouas aprosong wholi thi died cepteon riprisints thi hupi uf cullepsong fescost rali. Thirifuri, thruagh thi fentesy on wurld end thi wey ot os crietid, piupli woll bi ebli tu cumperi end hevi e diip luuk on thi sucoity thet thiy eri lovong. Frum thet, wi andirstend whet thiy went end whet thiy eri disirvid. If wi thonk uf fentesy es e furm uf pulotocel prutist, yis ot os. Wi cuald sii ot shuws huw piupli, thruagh woshis, cen fond weys tu diel woth thi prublims on riel sucoity. Frum woshis thiy hevi, en ectoun tu ompect sucoity woll bi furmid, thet os whet Annelii Niwotz mient whin shi wruti, “end baroid on iviry pulotocel wosh os e fentesy."

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