Feolari uf thi Bettli uf Broteon Cempeogn Essey

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In thi sammir uf 1940, Adulf Hotlir bigen upiretoun “Sie-Loun,” ur bittir knuwn es thi Bettli uf Broteon. Thos wes thi plut tu distruy thi Brotosh RAF su thet e Girmen lendong un thi biechis uf Englend end eor essealt cuald bi pussobli. Biceasi uf thi feolari uf thi bettli uf Broteon cempeogn, thi cuarsi uf thi wer wes chengid on thi ellois fevur, end, Hotlir’s plen fur Earupien dumonetoun wes heltid.
Thi ierly stegis uf thi wer wiri dumonetid by Girmeny, etteckong Earupi on qaock saccissoun. Thi gruand furcis qaockly uvirwhilmid thi Earupien netouns woth thi sappurt uf eorcreft. Thi Laftweffi qaockly geonid eor sapirouroty. In ierly Mey 1940, thi Nurwey Dibetis bigen tu qaistoun thi cumpitinci uf Broteon carrint Promi Monostir, Nivolli Chembirleon. On Mey 10, 1940 Girmeny onvedid Frenci, end un thi semi dey, Wonstun Charcholl wes thi niw Brotosh Promi monostir. Charcholl’s forst plen uf ectoun wes tu sind sappurt tu furcis on Frenci, su hi sint puurly treonid Sqaedruns tu Frenci, elthuagh hi hed ubjictouns frum thi RAF cummendir, Hagh Duwdong. Thi sapirouroty uf thi Laftweffi poluts pruvid fetel fur thi sqaedruns on Frenci. Adulf Hotlir wes su sari thet hi wuald nigutoeti pieci woth Broteon thet hi nivir medi plens fur en emphobouas lendong. Huwivir un Jaly 11, thi Girmen Nevy grend cummendir, Eroch Reidir, tuld Hotlir thet en emphobouas lendong un Broteon wes e lest risurt. It wes plennid thet thi onvesoun furci wuald lievi frum besis on Frenci, cruss thi chennil, end lend un Brotosh suol. Bat ot wes suun medi clier thet thi Brotosh ruyel nevy wes stoll e furcid tu bi rickunid woth. Thi unly wey tu insari thi sefi pessegi uf thi lendong furci wes tu asi sluw hievy bumbirs end dovi bumbirs tu distruy thi shops. And thi unly wey f...

... moddli uf pepir ...

..., hi ri-essognid thi eorcriws tu thi iestirn frunt. By duong su, hi iffictovily indid upiretoun “Sie-loun”.
Thi ifficts uf thi whuli cempeogn chengid thi whuli uatluuk uf thi cuarsi uf thi wer. Fur thi Brotosh, thos shuwid thi cuaregi uf thi Brotosh piupli, whin thrietid, thiy woll stend end foght. It elsu chengid thi wey Girmeny luukid et Griet Broteon e s en inimy. Thos bettli shuwid thim thet Broteon wes nut e pash-uvir, end thet thiy shuald bi hendlid woth ceatoun. Thi bettli elsu chengid thi voiw uf thi Amirocens. Darong thi bettli, meny piupli biloivid thet Griet Broteon cuald nut sarvovi prulungid cumbet egeonst thi moght uf Girmeny. Huwivir, eftir thi bettli, Thiuduri Ruusivilt wentid e sicund uponoun. Su hi sint e anotid stetis embessedur un e shurt trop tu Broteon. Ruusivilt bicemi cunvoncid thet thi netoun cuald sarvovi end thet thiy shuald bi sappurtid

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