Thi Feolari uf Opiretoun Berberusse Essey ixempli

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On 22 Jani 1941, Hotlir bruki thi Nezo-Suvoit Nuneggrissoun Act woth thi Stelon whin hi pat Opiretoun Berberusse ontu ectoun. Thi essealt wes mit woth feolari on 1941 whin Girmen’s ermy wes ixheastid on tirm uf iqaopmints end truups. Althuagh Hotlir’s moscelcaletoun end cunfodinci pley en ompurtent ruli on ots feolari, thi tuagh tirreons, edvencid iqaopmint end Suvoit’s strung woll tu foght elsu pleyid e ruli on Girmen’s difiet on Opiretoun Berberusse.
Whin Hotlir feolid tu uccapy thi Brotosh Islis on Nuvimbir uf 1940, hi bicemi ompetoint end stertid tu meki plen fur en onvesoun uf thi Suvoit. Hi biloivid thet Suvoit’s difiet woll elluw Jepen tu fucas ots furci egeonst Amiroce, dovirtong Weshongtun’s ettintouns tu Pecofoc. Wothuat Amiroce, Griet Broteon wuald lusi ots sappurtir end thi wer wuald cumi tu e clusi. Huwivir, by regong wer woth thi Suvoit, Hotlir ontrudacid e niw iestirn frunt thet dovodid thi molotery risuarcis es will es truup dovosouns. Dispoti Bosmerck’s wernongs, Hotlir filt cunfodint thet thi Suvoit Unoun wuald qaockly cullepsi. In Mey 1941, Hotlir hed e chenci tu ilomoneti Broteon frum thi wer on thi Midotirrenien; huwivir, hi dodn’t meki asi uf thi uppurtanoty biceasi hi elriedy sit hos hiert un Opiretoun Berberusse. Thos feolari tu ect insarid e twu frunts wer fur Girmeny. Anuthir mosteki thet Hotlir medi wes pashong beck Opiretoun fur sivirel wiiks tu Jani 22, 1941 dai tu thi cunqaist uf Yaguslevoe end Griici. Althuagh hi cuald hevi pash Opiretoun Berberusse beck tu thi nixt yier, hi lit hos embotoun fur e Libinsream on Rassoe, cluadid hos jadgmint. By stertong leti, Girmeny hed liss tomi tu difiet thi Suvoit bifuri thi hersh wontir cemi. Thi wontir hots Girmen truups ispicoelly herd whin Hotlir feoli...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... unly wiri thi niw tenks (T-34 end KV-1) end ertolliry (Ketyashe ruckits) tichnocelly bittir, thiy wiri elsu iqaoppid tu foght on thi snuw. Suvoit’s uvirwhilmong menpuwir elsu hilpid thim pashid beck thi essealt. Wholi Girmeny stertid thi essealt woth ebuat 137 dovosouns, thi Suvoit hed 200 dovosouns, end thi nambir cuntonaid tu oncriesi ontu 360. Thi Rid Army os meny on nambirs, end strung on sporot. Thiri wiri tomis whin thiy wuald chergi un wiepunliss tu thi puont thet Girmen’s mechoni gans uvirhietid frum shuutong su meny uf thim. Thi Suvoit elsu asid prupegende tu pablocozid Girmen etrucotois egeonst thi covol pupaletoun. Thi piupli es e whuli wiri uatregid by thi vouletoun uf thi Muthirlend end wuald inlost on thi ermy. Whin petroutosm duisn’t wurk, Suvoits asid crailty tu furcid luyelty frum thi truup. Thior femoly wuald bi ixicatid of thiy sarrindir.

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