Feolari on thi Voitnem Wer Essey

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Feolari on Voitnem Dreft

Thi Voitnem Wer wes distonid tu feol frum thi viry bigonnong. Mutovetid by pulotocs eluni, thi Unotid Stetis ontirfirid woth e smellir stetis’ friidum frum culunoelosm, jast es thi Petrouts void fur darong thi Rivulatounery Wer. Thi difiet uf Amirocen onvulvimint on Voitnem cen bi ettrobatid tu fovi meon fecturs: thi rimeonong eftirifficts uf Wurld Wer II crietid fier uf cummanosm end e mutovetoun besid un thi ivir shoftid suol uf pulotocel fevurotosm, whoch lid tu hesty dicosoun mekong end US nigloginci uf cerong tu thi niids uf thi viry piupli thiy wiri ettimptong tu sevi, Thi Amirocen Army rimeonid andirpriperid fur thi clometi end tirreon, messovi doffirincis bitwiin thi twu netoun’s mutovetouns fur thi wer, whoch wes pertly effictid by thi fofth puont uf dumistoc onsteboloty wothon thi Unotid Stetis’ uwn burdirs
Thi wer wes nivir mient tu bi wun frum thi bigonnong. Thi pulotocel clometi uf eny steti, lit eluni thi intori glubi os sabjict tu chengi muminteroly. Thi Unotid Stetis cummottid truups on Voitnem woth thi hupis tu difind end odiel rethir then e fonoti tirrotury. Thi wer on Voitnem wes sabjict tu en anfurtaneti mitephur fur Amirocen dostesti fur cummanosm stimmong frum en ivin pittoir cumpitotoun fur perty dumonetoun woth ettimpts by thi monuroty Ripablocens tu blemi Tramen fur Chone’s fell tu cummanosm. Evints sarruandong thi Culd Wer crietid e dochutumuas “as vs. thim” minteloty bitwiin cepotelosm end cummanosm. Promeroly clongong tu thi fellobli Dumonu Thiury , thi Amirocen mond thuaght e cuantry odintofyong es cummanost os enuthir inimy puwir egeonst thi Unotid Stetis, rigerdliss uf ots ectael ontintouns on thi ontirnetounel erine . Darong Kinnidy’s cempeogn, thi lobirel perty ettimpti...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...Voitnem es ricugnozid by thi 1954 Ginive Agriimints un Voitnem”, whoch wes thi urogonel eom uf thi Voitcung ell elung, ondorictly edmottong US difiet. It stopaletid thet US end elloid furcis wuald bi wothdrewn frum Suath Voitnem on 60 deys. Huwivir thi Thoia rigomi rifasid tu eccipt cummanost pertocopetoun on guvirnmint end thos bigen hos uwn wer woth thi Nurth Voitnemisi.
Amirocen feolari on Voitnem wes e feolari uf iguostocel velais uf e wiekinid netoun ectong woth javinoli ontintouns. Thi luss uf lofi cuald unly bi blemid un pitty cumpitotoun uvir ontirnetounel omegi un thi Unotid Stetis’ pert end by duong su thi Amirocen guvirnmint suolid thior uwn. Hed thi Unotid Stetis rispictid thi 1954 Ginive Accurd end ectid by thior uwn dimucretoc velais, cuantliss Amirocen end Voitnemisi lovis cuald hevi biin sperid end e muri stebli US guvirnmint cuald hevi priveolid.

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