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Are books retaining the world from intellectual stagnation? Fahrenheit 451 portrayed an essential example containing information through a modern world in the twenty third century. Ray Bradbury made Fahrenheit 451 interesting by creating a storyline about burning books. Many instances throughout showed the reader that Fahrenheit 451 has multiple interpretations. Beatty, a main character was introduced as a fire chief. Once the reader was farther into the book, Beatty was shown as an ancient illustration. Fahrenheit 451 overall was an easily interpreted book, but had an entirely altered meaning once dissected. Ray Bradbury had a crystal clear vision of the approximation he constituted in the reader’s mind. Looking deeper and deeper into the book may have caused the reader to apprehend that there are biblical references in Fahrenheit 451. Although ironic situations were made a crucial department of this novel; the reader may not have realized this at first. After reading the book, a reader might have an accomplished understanding as to why book burning had turned the world around. Fahrenheit 451 portrayed an astounding vision of what the world could eventually fall into if people are not careful with certain actions. Ray Bradbury wrote about burning books, but Fahrenheit 451 acquired multiple ambiguous meanings.
Beatty allegedly came off to some readers as a normal fire chief in that time that only caused fires; However, Beatty had a symbolic meaning through the novel. This man had the knowledge to handle any situation possible that would come up about books. He had worked with burning them for so long, he was practically a professional on the topic: "You know the law," said Beatty. "Where's your common sense? None of these book...

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...main meaning; burning books (in the reader’s opinion) improves or declines the intellectual and insanity level of that certain location that books are taken away. Many researches have shown that Fahrenheit 451 not only has one main meaning, but multiple stronger meanings that take deep thought to realize and understand. Beatty, the fire chief was shown as just a normal know it all fireman that started fires. He is portrayed as an ancient bird that takes in the entire storyline of dying and rebirthing in to a new life, just as Guy Montag did. Fahrenheit 451 is an example of global war developing over the entire world. As the war came about the world, smaller realizations came into play, for example the number 451. Does the world today have a high chance of exacting the situations that happened in Fahrenheit 451? What could someone do to stop these life ruining acts?

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