Faculty Perceptions of Self-Plagiarism: An Exploratory Multi-University Study

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Faculty Perceptions of Self-Plagiarism: An Exploratory Multi-University Study

Article Review and Analysis Two: Faculty Perceptions On Self-Plagiarism: An Exploratory Multi-University Study
The article that will be reviewed in this paper is Faculty Perceptions On Self-Plagiarism: An Exploatory Multi-University Study written by Colleen Halupa and Doris U. Bolliger. This paper will define self-plagiarism, discuss the research developed by Halupa and Bolliger on the perceptions of self-plagiarism and their expectations of students and changes that need to take place in the education system will also be discussed. Plagiarism is such a broad term and has so many variations, self-plagiarism is often not discussed and not clearly defined, this article helps to educate on this topic.
Article Summary
The purpose of Faculty Perceptions of Student Plagiarism: An Exploratory Multi-University Study is to show the research conducted by Halupa and Bolliger on this topic. The authors define self-plagiarism as one recycling their own created work, whether it is published or not (Halupa, Bolliger, 2013 p. 298). Halupa and Bolliger conducted several studies to determine the results for their research.
There is a lot of research on plagiarism; however, because it is so hard to detect self-plagiarism in unpublished work, there is very little research (Halupa, Bolliger, 2013 p. 297). There are many different programs, such as SelfAssign and TurnItIn that help to detect plagiarism, which are currently used by 68.2% of the faculty surveyed (Halupa, Bolliger, 2013 p. 305). However, even though these detectors are great for detecting plagiarism is published work, they are not sufficient when it comes...

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...earching faculty perceptions on plagiarism by surveying quite a variety of faculty and they explain what self-plagiarism consists of well and suggested some helpful ideas for faulty to adopt, such as educating their students further on this issue and working self-plagiarism in their policies on plagiarism. Faulty Perceptions On Self-Plagiarism: An Exploratory Multi-University Study would be a beneficial read for both students and faculty alike. Students could learn more about what self-plagiarism is and faculty could learn that it is important that they educate their students on this issue.


Halupa, Colleen. Bolliger, Doris U. (2013). Faculty Perceptions of Self-Plagiarism: An Exploatory Multi-University Study. Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht, 297-298, 302-305, 308-309.

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