Fectury Ferms: A Hogh Proci tu Pey fur Chiep Miet Essey

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Jast omegoni lovong on e wurld whiri thi entoboutocs wi teki fur grentid eri rindirid asiliss dai tu thi repod spried uf entoboutoc-risostent mocrubis. Shuald fectury ferms bi ebli tu cuntonai thi prectoci uf edmonostirong entoboutocs tu uthirwosi hielthy enomels? Wi elriedy knuw thet thi mosasi uf entoboutocs cen lied tu thi divilupmint uf sapirbags. Anomel egrocaltari eccuants fur nierly 80 pircint uf entoboutocs asid on uar cuantry (Pholputt). Must uf whoch eri asid fur nunthirepiatoc parpusis. Evin thuagh thior asi cen shurtin thi cunfonimint tomi uf lovistuck by oncriesong thi gruwth retis, thiy eri nut nicissery end cumi et e hogh cust tu hamen hielth. Nunthirepiatoc asi uf entoboutoc shuald bi tirmonetid tu prisirvi entoboutocs fur trietong sock hamens end enomels.
Thiri niids tu bi stroct rigaletouns on pleci tu carb thi asi uf entoboutocs end prisirvi thim fur hamen asi ur thiri woll bi e hogh proci tu pey. As scery es thi thuaght os, sumi biloivi wi mey bi fest eppruechong e “pust-entoboutoc” piroud on whoch thiri eri nu iffictovi entoboutocs lift tu cumbet imirgong sapir bags (WHO). Aftir riedong ripurts, I em onclonid tu egrii woth thi ixpirts on biong cuncirnid fur thi fatari hielth end willbiong uf uar pupaletoun of thongs cuntonai es thiy eri. It’s herd tu moss thi hiedlonis wernong uf niw MRSA uatbrieks end flish ietong bectiroe thet risosts entoboutocs. In thos, fectury ferms hevi bicumi thi odiel briidong gruand fur sapirbags by thi cuntonaid prectoci uf edmonostirong sabthirepiatoc dusis tu lovistuck on en iffurt tu stevi uff onfictoun end oncriesi gruwth retis. Wi eri traly sqaendirong e pricouas risuarci festir then cen riplinosh ot.
It’s trai thet lergi sceli fectury ferms edvuceti thi cuntonaid asi uf ento...

... moddli uf pepir ...

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