Factors That Motivated The European To Explore And Colonize America

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1. The factors that motivated the European (Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch and English in particular) to explore and colonize North America and South America concerned material gain and / or religious freedom.

I believe many of the motivators for the Europeans to move to and colonize North and South America was due to material gain and religious freedom. First I would like to talk about several of the material gains that were either made or expectect to be made in the move to explore North and South America's. When the plans were being set out for the new colonies and the different propels that were laid out some of the ideas that were look at heavily were the material gains. One gain was the level of workload in some areas. It was believed that by moving to the United States that farming living conditins and making a living for themselves would be made much easier. An example of this was the Holland plantation. The settlers of that area could see their lives and the life of their colony decreasing sevearly due to the heavy amount of work required and only made harder by area that they lived in. They finially made the decision to leave Holland for the United States after seeing that a lot of their children were becoming decrepid at a young age because they had to take on their own work load but also that of their parents which was too much of a burden for most of them to handle. The also had a problem with their youth for several different reasons would decide to leave their colony and pursue
their own goals or just move into a larger city usually genting into trouble and going against most of what they were taught by their parents and their families. The situation that this colony was in though was not felt by most of settlers that chose to explore and colonize the Americas. Some of the other material gains that were looked at and therefore a driving force for some people moving to the Americas was farming. It was known that unlike in most of the other regions at the time land was amply in the Americas at that time. With a lot of the new settlers being

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farmers this was a great thing for them because it gave them a great chance to buy a large enough piece of land for them to sustain themselves as well as a family at the same time being able to look ahead to their childrens future knowing that they would be able to do the same and not have to worry about being able to get land. Beyond the land itself the material gains were also known to be very abundant in other ways in the Americas. As more and more settlers made their way to the Americas that caused for a higher demand for supplies. These supplies were anything from the more expensive clothing, different herbs, and many other supplies found found in many different parts of the world. Many of the settlers coming from England and other civilized cultures were used to a lot of these materials so when they moved to the Americas it then created a demand in those areas for these goods as well so then by them moving there not only increased their material gain but also increased the material gain for those countries and companies that made, produced, shipped, and delivered these goods to the lands. To sum a lot of this up Capitalism. Exploring and colonizing the Americas open up capitalism a lot. This gave the settlers the ability to look more at personnel gain from the efforts and labors that they were doing. Moving to the Americas they knew that they would be able to do what trade that they wanted to do and the better that they did at it they are the ones that would receive the profits either for themselves or like when the colonists left Holland all of the money and revenue that was made over the first 7 years was put into a genera fund but at the end of that time it would be redistributed to all of those still living in the colony to do with as they saw fit for their own personnel use.

I would also like to discuss some of the religious gains by exploring and colonizing North and South America. Many of the settlers that looked at moving to the Americas and colonize and area if it was for religious purpose then more than likely they were Protestant. The Protestants were one of the three main groups of Christianity at the time. This group usually referred
to as the European churches that separated from the Roman Catholic Church during the Renaissance-era. At that time in England a lot of the different churches were persecuted against mostly to do with the belief that if they were not part of the Roman Catholic Church then they didn't belong there and that they did not follow a true religion. It was th9ought that by starting their own colony in either North or South America that they would be able to get away from that oppression. Although it was showed later in history that that really wasn't the case that no matter where they would go to some religions and some religious would be persecuted anyway. A prime example of this was the Salem Witch Trials. During that period many people were put to death because of their beliefs, which shows that no matter where these people would go it may be a new land but some things still wouldn't change. However religious freedom for some was a large motivator for leaving their home lands to explore and later colonize either North or South America with thee hope that they would be able to practice their own religion in whatever means that they saw fit without the persecution that they received at the time. Although by far for most people the overall material gain outweighed the religious freedom. For many people both of these factors plaid a part but the material gain in my opinion was the larger of the two. Althought the material gain can be looked at from several different ways not just in possisions but also in their basic lifestyles, and the means that they had available to them to make a better live for themselves as well as the lives of their children which many of them did look at and most of us want a better life for our children than what we had and with the availability of supplies, goods and land amongst other things that made the gains of colonizing the Americas a very appealing idea.

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