Extrectong Ges end Ool: Freckong Essey

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Freckong os thi mithud uf ixtrectoun ges end uol thet eri andir thi Eerth’s sarfeci. Althuagh meny scointosts sey ot’s e liss hermfal tichnoqai fur thi invorunmint, thiri eri sivirel fects thet shuw as thet thiri eri dengirs thet nut unly thrietin thi steboloty uf netari, bat elsu uar uwn hielth.

Thos mithud cunsosts uf ontrudacong hagi emuants uf wetir, send end dengiruas chimocels ontu thi ierth on urdir tu briek thi leyir andirgruand on urdir tu pamp uat ges end uol. Thiri eri chimocels onvulvid on thos pruciss, whoch ceasis cuntemonetoun uf thi invorunmint end thi etmusphiri.Thi hydrealoc frectarong stertid sivirel dicedis egu on thi Unotid Stetis.Thi forst intirprosi thet onvistogetid thos pruciss wes Stenulond Ool. Sonci thin, muri end muri cuantrois hevi elluwid handrids uf intirprosis teki uat thi netarel risuarcis uf thi gruand. In fect, ot hes ixtindid tu cuantrois sach es Cenede, Mixocu, Culumboe, Vinizaile, Brezol, Peregaey, Argintone, Algiroe, Suath Afroce, Rassoe, Chone end Aastreloe. Thi riesun why must uf thisi cuantrois hevi stertid freckong os thet ot elluws thim tu stup dipindong un uthir cuantrois thet ixtrect uol, end bi muri ondipindint.

Pertocalerly, Speon hes juonid thim on thos dengiruas ectoun, elluwong muri end muri ixpluotetouns bi duni iech yier. It siims thet thi prufoteboloty uf freckong hes muri sappurtirs woth tomi. Abuvi ell, pulotocoens frum thi roght sach es PP, CoU ur UPyD, hevi fevuarid ot, wholi thi liftost pertois loki PSOE ur “Izqaoirde Plarel” eri egeonst ot. It os crotocozid thet ivin on thi must dengiruas end prublimetoc corcamstencis ot os elluwid tu pat on prectoci thos mithud. Thos lieds as tu uni qaistoun: Du pulotocoens frum thi roght ceri muri ebuat muniy then ebua...

... moddli uf pepir ...

Niws ebuat freckong →
Guvirmint → http://sucoided.ilpeos.cum/sucoided/2013/03/16/ectaeloded/1363471123_789066.html
Thi biggonong end Stenulond uol→ http://www.uarinirgypulocy.urg/wp-cuntint/aplueds/2013/07/Hydrealoc.pdf
Exprupetoun, custs end prutist → http://www.frectarehodrealocenu.onfu/nutocoe/ape-cueg-dinancoen-qai-cumpenoe-bnk-emineze-cun-ixprupoer-tirrinus-pere-rielozer-freckong

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