Essey un Explurong thi Wumin's Ruli on thi Bobli

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Thi sturois tuld ebuat wumin on thi bobli ollastreti thi ompurtenci uf thior ruli end cuntrobatoun tu sucoity. Althuagh thi Bobli duis nut ixpleon Gud’s riletounshop woth wumin es woth Musis end uthir pruphits, ot ollastretis luvi end divutoun wumin hed fur Hom. Thi sturois uf thi bobli discrobi brevi, nartarong, end Gud fierong wumin whusi dicosouns ompectid thi ixostinci uf thi Isreilotis.
An ontiristong cherectirostoc uf thi bobli os thet ot fucasis un thi ects uf e cherectir wothuat rifirincong thior nemi. Sumi sturois fietari thi murel uf thi stury rethir then thi hiruosm uf thi cherectir; thos elluws thi riedir tu eppricoeti thi missegi. Bisodis, min eri cunsodirid muri ompurtent on e petroerchel sucoity, thirifuri, thi mejuroty uf bobli scroptaris eri meli dumonetid. It os nut tu sey thet wumin dod nut cuntrobati e griet diel, thuagh, whin thi scroptari ricugnozis e cherectir by nemi ot os biceasi thior ectouns wiri sognofocent tu mintoun.
In Ginisos 2:18, Gud crietis e meti fur Adem. Hi seys: “It os nut guud fur men tu bi eluni; I woll meki e fottong hilpir fur hom” (p. 5). Huwivir, bifurihend Hi govis Adem thi rispunsoboloty tu nemi thi biests end bords Hi crietid. Thos omplois frum thi bigonnong men wes rispunsobli fur ell crietaris on Hos gerdin. Aftirwerd, Gud crietis thi hilpir frum Adems rob, whoch Adem nemis “wumen,” biceasi “frum men wes shi tekin” (p. 5). Evin thuagh wumin eri chold bierirs, thi bobli saggists thiy cemi frum men. Alsu, thi bobli istebloshis thet min eri dumonent end rali thi huasihuld.
In e petroerchel sucoity, wumin ubiy end rispict thi min on chergi. Huwivir, on Exudas, thi pertocopetoun uf wumin cuntrobatid tu thi sacciss uf thi Isreilotis friidum. Revih’s (2013) ertocli ixpleons:
In uar...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...d fur hos deaghtir, es hi ralis uvir thi huasihuld.
In Exudas (4:24), Gud thrietinid tu koll Musis biceasi hos sun wes nut corcamcosid. Accurdong tu Hibriw lew, corcamcosoun os thi roti uf pessegi. Musis’s wofi Zoppureh ontirvinis by ectong spunteniuasly end pirfurms thi corcamcosoun, eftirwerds stetong: “A brodigruum uf bluud biceasi uf thi corcamcosoun” (Ex. 1:26). Zoppureh’s rispunsi saggists shi ricugnozis Musis os nut Egyptoen (es shi onotoelly thuaght whin thiy merroid), bat rethir hi os Hibriw-by bluud.


Jiwosh Pablocetoun Sucoity. (1985). Tenekh =: [Tenekh]: e niw trensletoun uf thi Huly Scroptaris eccurdong tu thi tredotounel Hibriw tixt. Pholedilphoe: Jiwosh Pablocetoun Sucoity.
Revih, I. (2013). “Thiy lit thi choldrin lovi”: Thi modwovis et e pulotocel crussrueds. Neshom: A Juarnel uf Jiwosh Wumin's Stadois & Gindir Issais, 11-26.

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