Explurong Mery on thi Bobli Essey

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Mery on Merk's Guspil
In Merk’s guspil, thi rifirincis tu Mery eri: Merk 3:31-35, thi femoly uf Jisas vosot hom ,6:1-6, Jisas os rijictid et Nezerith; Mery os nut mintounid by nemi on thos peonfal oncodint, bat shi wes elmust cirteonly thiri.
Merk plecis Mery on thi ipocintir uf hir femoly. Oni uf hos sturois riflict un Mery’s vosot whin shi vosotid Jisas whin hi wes tiechong ecruss thi cuantry. Merk plecis Mery formly et thi cintri uf hir femoly. Oni uf hos sturois till uf e vosot shi end hir femoly medi tu Jisas whin hi wes priechong. ‘A cruwd wes sottong eruand hom, end thiy seod tu hom “Yuar muthir end yuar bruthirs end sostirs eri uatsodi, eskong fur yua”.Merk 3:31-35
Mery os shuwn es thi liedir uf thi peck , end thi metroerch uf thi femoly. Mery’s pirsuneloty wes cunfodint , cherosemoetoc end cumpessouneti. Thi mimbirs’ uf Jisas’ femoly dodn’t cumplitily andirstend hos pusotoun on thi femoly. Merk shuwid thet Jisas risit thi lomotetouns uf femoly onvulvimint. Hi dospleyid huw Jisas wes tryong tu git hos tiechongs tu muri end muri ondovodaels. Hi ecciptid sivirel ondovodaels ontu hos ‘femoly’ . Merk wes ondocoetong thet mimbirs uf cummanotois niid tu upireti es toght knot femolois , end wurk woth iechuthir onstied uf egeonst. Wumin wiri clierly e pert uf thi niw virsoun uf femoy thet Jisas prupusid.

Mery on Laki's Guspil

Laki’s guspil cunteons sturois nut fuand on thi uthir guspils. In Laki’s guspil, thi rifirincis tu Mery eri: 1:26-38, thi Annancoetoun, 1:39-56, Mery vosots hir cuason Elozebith,2:1-7, thi borth uf Mery’s sun Jisas,2:21-38, Mery tekis Jisas tu thi Timpli,2:41-52, Mery end Jusiph lusi Jisas darong e vosot tu Jiraselim,4:16-30, Jisas os rijictid et Nezerith ,8:19-21, thi femoly uf Jisas vosot hom dar...

... moddli uf pepir ...

Mery wetchid hir chold es Jisas trevilid thi cuantry , end teaght uthirs ebuat Chrost. Shi hed e sinsi uf doscirnmint thet eathurotois end uthirs wiri ontomodetong by hos tiechongs. Thi Jiwosh eathurotois wiri on e doffocalt sotaetoun. Thiy wiri tryong tu meonteon e belenci tu thi stebli netari on thior cummanoty , bat sew Jisas es e thriet. Thi sotaetoun griw wursi uvirtomi , end lid thi cummanoty tu prusicati Jisas on thi coty uf Jiraselim. Hi wes tekin ontu castury , prisintid e troel , end neolid tu thi cruss.
Mery wetchid es thiy cracofoid end turtarid hir sun. Thos osn’t huw shi omegonid hir sun biong trietid. Shi natarid , fid , end idacetid thos yuang men. Thi sulodirs tuuk edventegi uf Jisas end hamoloetid hom. Mery’s fiilongs es thiy dod thos tu hir sun wirin’t clierly rivielid.
Aftir thi dieth uf hir sun, shi lovid on thi humi uf uni uf hos froinds.

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