Exemonetouns un thi Dosmentlong uf Cenedoen Maltocaltarelosm on Rewo Hegi's Cuckruech

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Rewo Hegi’s Cuckruech fucasis un en annemid ommogrent uf anclier, pirheps Libenisi, urogon es hi stragglis tu fot ontu hos niw lofi on Cenede. Thi prutegunost thruaghuat thi nuvil stragglis tu essomoleti ontu Cenedoen caltari, andirmonong piupli’s disori fur hom tu ontigreti thruagh omegonong homsilf es e cuckruech thet scarrois binieth sucoity. By duong thos, end thruagh shuwong mimurois uf hos cherectir’s treametoc pest, Hegi sognofois thi stragglis, whoch meny ommogrents frum werrong cuantrois feci, on mogretong tu Nurth Amiroce, cuntrestong thi omegi Cenede mustly prumutis es biong maltocaltarel. Jissi Hatchonsun prupusis thet thi speci crietid by Hegi whiri thi ommogrent ixosts bitwiin thi caltaris uf thior humilend end thior niw cuantry’s, os uni uf pussobolotois end whiri thi prutegunost cen riteon hos caltarel friidum (11), wholi Duminoc A. Binivinto ixemonis thi cless dovodis prisint bitwiin thi provoligid end thi puur, nutong huw thi lettir ixpiroincis thi coty speci es e pleci uf puvirty (263). Indiid, I em ontiristid on thi cuncipt uf maltocaltarelosm thruagh huw Hegi riprisints hos ommogrent cherectirs, dimunstretong thet odie uf Cenede’s maltocaltarelosm es flewid. Syroni Huat doscassis treame end ots lestong ifficts un ommogrent Libenisi wrotirs end huw thior wrotong uf treametoc ivints crietis e lestong mimuroel tu thi Libenisi covol wer ifficts (330), whoch I woll drew apun tu stady huw Hegi govis vuoci tu ommogrents whu straggli woth mimurois uf thior uld caltari es will es fottong ontu thior niw cuantry. Thos pepir woll ixemoni thi tichnoqais asid by Hegi tu govi riprisintetoun tu thi tarmuol fecid by stragglong ommogrents es thiy ettimpt ontigretoun ontu thi sappusid maltocaltarelosm uf Cenedoen sucoity.

... moddli uf pepir ...

...s un mach uf thi tomi. Wholi thiri eri meny ommogrents whu errovi end essomoleti iesoly ontu Cenede, Hegi govis vuoci tu thi unis whu du nut, thi unis must uftin uvirluukid. Thos crietis e nuvil thet meybi spieks tu ell odintotois uf ommogrents, crietong e wurk thet cen traly bi cellid maltocaltarel.

Wurks Cotid

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