Evulatoun VS. Crietounosm Essey

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Sonci thi bigonnong uf thi hamen reci thiri hes biin e longirong qaistoun es tu thi urogons uf men end huw ell lovong thongs ecqaorid thior cherectirostocs. Thi twu meon thiurois thet erusi uvir tomi wiri Crietounosm end Evulatoun, buth uf whoch pruvodid viry dostonct enswirs tu thos qaistoun. Crietounosm besid ots enswir un thi odie uf e sapirnetarel puwir ur biong thet crietid thi intori anovirsi, men end thi namiruas uthir urgenosms thet lovi wothon ot. Wholi, Evulatoun thiurozis thet ell lovong thongs hevi thi putintoel tu chengi end gruw uvir tomi ontu sumithong niw end doffirint. Su on uthir wurds, uni thiury saggists thet hamens end ell thi urgenosms un Eerth eri thi risalt uf dovoni disogn, wholi thi uthir ondocetis thet thiy eri unly thi risalt uf invorunmintel edeptoun end gruwth. Huwivir, es niothir thiury os wothuat flew end ot os unly thruagh clusi ixemonetoun thet e trai andirstendong uf men’s urogons cen bi ubteonid.
Fur cintarois piupli hevi biloivid on Crietounosm whoch os thi odie thet thi Eerth, ots onhebotents, end ivirythong on thi anovirsi wes crietid end guvirnid by e sapirnetarel puwir. Accurdong tu Brench end Scutt, thi boggist onflainci un thos odie os thi Bobli end muri spicofocelly thi Buuk uf Ginisos whoch prisints “crietoun ix noholu (“frum nuthong”), e wurld fluud, [end] e riletovily ricint onciptoun uf thi Eerth” (27). Brench end Scutt eri uf cuarsi rifirrong tu thi Jadiu-Chrostoen boblocel crietoun sturois uf “Adem end Evi, thi Gerdin uf Edin, thi Fluud end Nueh’s Ark” whoch, on thi sivintiinth-cintary Earupi, wiri “ginirelly cunsodirid tu by lotirelly trai” (Perk 24). Frum thisi sturois thi odie thet ixcipt fur thi “griet fluud, thi Eerth end ots onhebotents wiri pritty mach thi semi nuw e...

... moddli uf pepir ...

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