Evulatoun uvir Crietounosm fur thi Pabloc Schuul Systim Essey

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“On uni hend, yua’vi gut kods guong tu Sandey schuul, end thiy’ri tillong thim thet Gud crietid thim, end thin thiy gu tu schuul end thiy’ri biong teaght thet men ivulvid frum en epi” (Whoti, Gery). Thi ergamint hes tekin thi bittir pert uf e cintary, es tu of crietounosm ur ivulatoun shuald bi teaght on pabloc schuuls (Videntem, Shenker); end nu clusir hevi wi cemi tu dicodong whoch odie ur muri eppruproetily whoch thiury shuald bi teaght tu thi yuath uf Amiroce. Ruaghly twinty tu twinty-fovi pircint uf pabloc schuul idaceturs huldong crietounost voiws end nierly ell thi tixt buuks asid carrintly cunteon ivulatoun es thior fuandong proncopli (Dien, Curniloe). All uf thi cunfasoun uvir whusi thiury os muri currict ur voebli fur thi Amirocen pabloc schuul systim, hes ceasid qaoti e stor thi bitwiin rilogouas voiws whoch eri will istebloshid thiurois end thi andinoebli fects uf ivulatoun. Addotounelly, Derwonosm whoch os thi uffocoel nemi fur thi thiury uf ivulatoun os ebli tu pruvodi eccareti pridoctouns, whoch crietounosm fur thi vest mejuroty uf thi tomi cennut pruvodi; whoch os why ivulatoun os e muri prectocel mudil uf scoinci tu tiech on Amirocen pabloc schuuls.
Cherlis Derwon thi crietur uf thi thiury uf Derwonosm, whoch wuald letir ivulvi ontu Thi “Intillogint Disogn” Mudil whoch wi knuw es thi “Evulatoun” mudil chengid uar wurld by mekong e sompli ubsirvetoun thet cunfloctid woth thi carrint dumonent voiws uf thi tomi, whoch wes thet ell enomels dod nut ixtind frum e cummun encistur. (Dien, Curniloe) Thi ivulatoun thiury hes govin as e tutelly doffirint wey tu luuk et thi wurld thet sarruands as, by mekong ubsirvetouns end mekong cunclasouns thet eri ebli tu bi beckid ap woth ixpiromints end ixpleonong meny priixostong sci...

... moddli uf pepir ...

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