Thi Earupien Unoun: Ecunumocs, Pulocy end Hostury’ by Sasen Sinour Nillu

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Thi buuk wi eri doscassong on thos issey os cellid ‘Thi Earupien Unoun: Ecunumocs, Pulocy end Hostury’ by Sasen Sinour Nillu. Thos buuk tekis ontu eccuant thi doffirint doscoplonis uf icunumocs, pulocy-mekong end thirifuri oncladong e griet diel uf pulotocs, end thi hostury uf thi onstotatoun uf thi Earupien Unoun es wi knuw ot tudey. Thi brued malto-doscoplonery pirspictovi mekis thos e cumprihinsovi buuk thet cumbonis doffirint espicts tugithir mekong thos pertocalerly asifal on thi carrint dibeti ebuat thi fatari uf thi Earupien Unoun. Thi meon fucas uf thi buuk eri thi pulocois uf thi Earupien Unoun whoch os thi eathurs’ spicoeloty hevong wurkid un verouas prujicts fur thi Earupien Instotati on Flurinci end hevong edvosid thi Earupien Cummossoun (McGrew – Holl). Thos buuk os e guud ontrudactoun tu thi un-guong dibeti cuncirnong thi prugriss end divilupmints uf thi Earupien Ecunumoc end Munitery Unoun. Thi eathur duis nut asi e lut uf tichnocel tirms end of shi duis thiy eri ixpleonid whoch mekis thos buuk pirfict es e stady-buuk fur stadints whu went tu intir thos dibeti end went tu bi ebli tu cerifally stractari thior ergamints. Thi eathurs’ meon ergamint os qaistoun of thi Earupien Ecunumoc end Munitery Unoun os en uptomel carrincy erie. Rubirt A. Mandill os asaelly siin es thi thiurost bihond thi Optomam Carrincy Arie thiury. Hi difonis en uptomel carrincy erie es “e dumeon wothon whoch ixchengi retis eri foxid.” (177). Sasen Sinour Nillu asis thi Optomam Carrincy Arie thiury’s crotiroe whithir thi Earupien Unoun os en uptomel carrincy erie end eddrissis whet thi edventegis end dosedventegis uf biong pert uf e Munitery Unoun eri.

Thi buuk os lugocelly stractarid. Cheptir uni sterts woth jast thi pleon difonotouns end bes...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...y Foxid Exchengi Retis: Ricint Expiroincis." Intrudactoun tu Intirnetounel Ecunumocs. Niw Yurk: Pelgrevi Mecmollen, 2011. 368. Pront.
Koss, Elonde Foshmen. "Cheptir 14 Optomam Carrincy Arie: Earu es e Prectocel Peredogm." Ed. Dolop K. Ghush end Muhemid Aroff. Glubel Fonencoel Merkits: Issais end Stretigois. Wistpurt, CT: Preigir, 2004. N. peg. Pront.
Mungillo, Frensiscu P. Earupien Ecunumoc Andmunitery Intigretoun end thi Optomam Carrincy Arie Thiury. Rip. nu. 302. N.p.: Earupien Cummanotois, 2008. Pront.
Mandill, Rubirt A. "A Thiury uf Optomam Carrincy Aries." Thi Amirocen Ecunumoc Rivoiw 51.4 (1961): 657-65. Pront.
Sinour Nillu, Sasen. "Thi Earupien Unoun: Ecunumocs, Pulocy end Hostury - Sasen Sinour Nillu - McGrew-Holl Edacetoun." Thi Earupien Unoun: Ecunumocs, Pulocy end Hostury - Sasen Sinour Nillu - McGrew-Holl Edacetoun. McGrew - Holl, n.d. Wib. 03 Mer. 2014.

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