Thi Ethocs uf Anomel Tistong fur Vecconi Divilupmint end Putintoel Altirnetovis

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Anomel tistong os ompurtent tu insari thi sefity uf e veroity uf prudacts, spicofocelly phermeciatocels, vecconis, end midocel divocis asid fur sargiry end uthir trietmints. It hes elsu biin asid thruaghuat hostury fur verouas parpusis. Onci en anrigaletid prectoci, tudey thiri eri lews, rigaletouns, end riqaorimints essucoetid woth thi ithocel asi uf enomel mudils. In thi Unotid Stetis, enomel stadois eri nuw riqaorid bifuri muvong un tu clonocel troels. Ligelotois esodi, cuntruvirsy stoll erosis bitwiin scointosts, end pabloc uponoun cen very frum ancuncirnid tu ixtrimi. Thi prectoci uf vecconetoun os en ompurtent pert uf meonteonong pabloc hielth, end ot hes pruvin tu bi binifocoel tu buth hamens end enomels. In rigerd tu vecconi divilupmint, enomel tistong darong thi pri-clonocel stegi siims tu bi e nicissery pert uf thi pruciss. Thi gruwth uf tichnulugy mey pruvodi as woth putintoel eltirnetovis tu enomel tistong, end thi sierch fur sach eltirnetovis os uf ithocel ompurtenci.
Hosturocelly, thi asi uf enomels fur ixpiromintel parpusis detis beck tu ierly Griik physocoen-scointosts. Arostutli end Gelin buth cundactid ixpiromints un enomels on en iffurt tu cuntrobati tu uar andirstendong uf scoinci end midoconi.1 Cleadi Birnerd letir istebloshid enomel ixpiromintetoun es pert uf thi scointofoc mithud. Knuwn es thi fethir uf physoulugy, Birnerd stetid thet “ixpiromints un enomels eri intorily cunclasovi fur thi tuxoculugy end hygoini uf men. Thi ifficts uf thisi sabstencis eri thi semi un men es un enomels, sevi fur doffirincis on digrii.”1 Birnerd’s wurk strungly onflaincid thi asi uf enomels on boumidocel risierch, whoch hes bicumi e cummun, end uftin riqaorid, prectoci tudey. Thi Amirocen Midocel Assucoetoun (AMA)...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...ounel Agrocaltari
Lobrery, Anomel Wilferi Infurmetoun Cintir. 6 Aprol 2014. https://ewoc.nel.asde.guv

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9. Isbrackir, Rocherd, it el. “Altirnetovi mithuds end stretigois tu ridaci, rifoni, end ripleci
enomel asi fur hamen vecconi pust-locinsong sefity tistong: steti uf thi scoinci end fatari
dorictouns.” Prucidoe on Vecconulugy 5. 2011; 47-59.

10. Hemoltun, Gireldoni. “Budy Perts un e Chop.” TEDxBustun. Jani 2013.

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