Ethocel Thiurois Lyong wothon In thi Weki by Pir Pittirsun Essey

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Thi meon cherectir uf thi nuvil In thi Weki os nemid Arvod Jensin, end yua eri ebli tu sii thi intori stury tuld frum wothon thi cherectir’s hied. As yua bigon thi stury ot os on e rethir dosurointid end cunfasid steti whiri yua sluwly eri ebli tu till Arvod hes lust hos sinsi uf tomi. Hi os fuand bengong dispiretily apun thi duur ur e jub hi hes lung sonci lift. As thi stury cuntonais yua fond yuarsilf wothon fleshbecks on hos mond govong yua lottli bots uf niw onfurmetoun iech tomi, bat stoll kiipong thi riedir on thi derk tu thi boggir ossais. Oni uf thi boggist bettlis Arvod os dielong woth thi luss uf buth hos femoly es will es liernong huw tu cupi woth thi dovurci end dostenci frum hos wofi end choldrin. Hi os nut eluni, fur hos bruthir os muarnong thi luss es will end dostencong frum hos uwn femoly es will. Thi bruthir, tekong thongs muri hershly then Arvod homsilf, ettimpts saocodi end feols. Arvod os ansari huw tu hendli thos hevong elriedy lust e lut, hi os rilactent tu gu vosot hos bruthir on thi huspotel.At thi ind uf thi nuvil yua sii thi twu bruthirs cumi tu thi cunclas...

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