The Ethical Relationship Between Technology and Medicine Essay

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Society is not the only dynamic entity in the doctor-patient relationship. Medicine as a science is in perpetual change, while medicine as an art is marked by constancy and fidelity. The science of medicine and the rapid change of technology applied to medicine, involving the possibility that there may be conflict between the practice, innovation and what the public demand. This conflict could undermine the social contract of medicine and it must be addressed firmly. Provided that the practice is challenged by new technology, the right course of action cannot be dictated by morality and standards based on previous experiences. When the correct course of action is unclear, dialogue is necessary to find a consensus between what is right and the common good. Dialogue is the basis of ethics in contrast with morality. The debate is urgent and must be comprehensive, inclusive and binding on the conduct of all doctors if you want to honor the social contract avoiding breaks or discontinuities.
The social contract between medicine and society called medicine to be perpetually available to the patient in the manner he claims. The patient access to medical care with all privacy rights and expects to complete the consultation, relied on the discretion of the physician and his whole personality, however, technology enables genetic testing, which speaks loudly about the essence of a person and its progeny, which can redefine the expectations of that person, their family and their neighbors. If you find the gene for a disease, the patient may be stigmatized and subject to prejudice or exclusion. For example, if a simple test could predict early death unequivocally heart disease or cerebrovascular disease, what employer would invest in the prof...

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... practice, we must always meet the needs of our patients, giving them warmth, comfort and showing that the medicine is here to take care of el1os. We cannot ignore the findings of science. Discoveries are not necessarily bad or good. It's your application that is good or bad. These findings are in relation to how we do our work and how we perceive our place in the universe. Perhaps we are not prepared for the implications of a new finding. If the finding or discovery means the truth, our prior beliefs are a lie?. When this new truth will be destroyed by new truths? Ethics calls us to discuss the proper course of action, proper application, a good plan for the future with our communities and colleagues. Conflicts should be resolved simply. Medical ethics is imperative to preserve the ancient beauty of medicine and lead to a responsible use of science and technology.

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