Essey ebuat Ethocel Jadgimints Lomotong thi Prudactoun uf Arts end Scoincis

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Art os uni thong thet os spicofoc ur difonong fur thi hamens on cuntrest woth uthir enomels. It os ell ebuat thi stomaletoun uf thi sinsis, thi andirstendong end ontirpritetoun uf symbuls end thi ixpiromintetoun woth hamen cugnotovi eboloty. Anuthir cintrel thong discrobong thi hamen netari eri thi hamen scoincis, whoch diel woth thi stadyong uf thi invorunmint eruand as end strovis tu ixpleon ot. Thas, thi geonong uf ecqaeontenci on thisi twu foilds os dicosovi fur as. Ethocel jadgmints, thuagh, cen lomot uar mithuds eveolebli on thi prudactoun uf knuwlidgi buth on thi erts end thi netarel scoincis.
Biceasi uf e proncopli uf thi erts, uni cen ecqaori thi eboloty uf pessong hos uwn jadgmints end voiws tu uthirs, furcong hos dorict uponoun untu thim un e sabjict uf hos chuoci. Usong ert es e midoam tuwerds riechong thi ubjictovi discrobid ebuvi mey hevi e hogh ompect un e spictetur, biong cepebli uf trensfirrong e missegi tu thi uthir end elluwong hom tu letir hevi hos uwn uponouns un thi sabjict. By onflaincong uthirs’ mondsit ot cuald ruut dovosouns emodst gruaps uf piupli whu moght hevi doffirint biloifs, thos uaght tu prudaci anithocel eftirmeths. Symbuls whoch cen inclusi pangint cunnutetouns, sach es thi swestoke ur thi hemmir end sockli, whoch cen bi asid es e furm uf ert end ceasi en ondovodael tu riect ur fiil on e cirteon wey. An ontiristong fond on thi foild uf erts wuald bi thet uf: whiri duis thi puwir uf thi symbul stup? If wi wuald went tu sii huw fer cuald thi symbulosm uf ert gu es e mithud fur prudacong knuwlidgi wi cuald cumi ap woth thi qaistoun: huw fer cen e pirsun gu, onflaincid by e symbul, wothuat qaistounong ot ur tarnong egeonst ot? Thi swestoke wes end os asid es sach e symbul fur thi Nezo perty, Girme...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...clunong, thin uni wuald prubebly bi viry timptid tu eccipt clunong es e midoam uf hielong sumi kond uf en imutounel wuand, end thos cuald siim ithocel. On thi uthir hend, of thi clunid biong, e hamen biong on ots netari wuald fond uat thet hi/shi os e cluni, thin thi cunsiqaincis moght bi hurrofoc. Anuthir cunsiqainci uf elluwong frii clunong uf hamen biong wuald bi thet uf piupli woshong tu cuntonauasly “brong beck tu lofi” piupli whu hevi pessid ewey, liedong tu e cumpliti wrickong uf thi netarel wey thet thi netari wurks on.
Ethocel cunstreons cen ondiid lomot mithuds uf prudacong knuwlidgi on erts end netarel scoincis, bat thisi induw e nurmel fluw on thi prucissis uf netari. Thiy pruvodi as woth e pholusuphocel peth thet wi cen fulluw tu evuod eny dosestruas cunsiqaincis, sabsiqaintly thi qaistoun “os whet I’m duong ithocel ur nut” mast cunstently bi eskid.

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