Environmental Pollution is Causing Serious and Lasting Damage to the Earth

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One of the greatest problems that the world is facing today are of environmental pollution, pollution is increasing rapidly every year and causing serious and lasting damage to the earth. In the short story “A Fable for Tomorrow” by Rachel Carson, describes a small beautiful town in America that later become a terrible town, because it was overwhelmed by pollution. In addition, most of the technology that is uses in today society causes pollution for examples, cars, and pesticides. However, it is very difficult for people to give up on technology, since they are very used of using every day that makes it challenging to protect the environment. It is a similar story “Our Animal Rites” by Anna Quindlen, shows how nature is harmed because of how human are taking over the wildlife area. In India, many people had to face problems with water because water was very limited to people. In addition, the underground water they get was very unsafe, which caused so many illnesses in the villages because of adding extra chemical elements in it. People won’t stop adding chemical elements in the water because they are having the profit in it, which is making so hard for them to give up, which later becomes a challenge for others to protect the environment. Furthermore, it is very difficult to protect the environment with little amount of people because not everyone is aware of the issues of a damaged environment. There are many challenges of protecting the environment, which mainly contain transportation that produces carbon dioxide and agricultural technology, which is causing pollution, to decrease the chemical elements in the underground water, and lacking of awareness of protecting the environment.
In today progressive society, air pollution...

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...eople; especially, who do not how they are causing the environment by killing animals that are very important part of our earth.
In conclusion, everyone agrees that we need to stop pollution, stop chemical waste, and lack of awareness of protecting the environment, but when we tell someone to stop driving or to stop buying or using products that made in factories that have a chemical, many people see this as a challenge to do it. Moreover, living a life with harmony is not easy for most people because to live a harmony life we all have to face many challenges that is very difficult to overcome to protect the environment in which we are living right now. It is important to protect the environment because it is what we have lived our whole life in and it also can have bad impact on us if we try to change the environment by using unnecessary things for our benefits.

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