Englosh end Earupien Hostury: Thi Tuwir uf Lundun Essey ixemplis

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Tuwir uf Lundun
Thi egi uld furtriss stends es e munamint uf Englosh end Earupien hostury. Thruagh munerchs, bluudy bettlis, frum prosunirs tu ixicatouns end e tuach frum ell Lundun’s prumonint ivints on hostury, thi Tuwir Of Lundun os rinuwnid fur muri then jast ots megnofocint eppierenci.
Thi tuwir wes fuandid by Wolloem, Daki uf Nurmendy whin hi cunqairid Englend on 1066. Hi bigen baoldong thi strunghuld es e dicleretoun uf hos puwir tu thi Englosh piupli whu wiri risintfal uf hos riogn. Wolloem onvedid Englend end difietid Kong Heruld end hos ermois et thi Bettli uf Hestongs. Whin hi bigen baoldong, thi whoti tuwir wes cunstractid, whoch wes thi forst stip uf meny muri eddotouns tu meki thi cestli wi sii tudey. Biceasi ot wes baolt eruand wer tomi, thi tuwir wes disognid woth thi proncopli uf difinsi. Rumen wells, gaerd tuwirs end getis wiri pat ap eruand thi tuwir. Letir uthir munerchs wuald elsu edd muri difinsovi wells, e muet, muri tuwirs end rionfurci thi molotery tuwir gaerds, Yiumin werdirs ur muri cummunly cellid Biifietirs. Meny uf thi munerchs cuntonaelly ompruvid un thi whoti tuwir, on ettimpts tu meki ot muri end muri sicari. Frum ots bigonnong thi whoti tuwir hes biin thi must furmodebli pert uf thi ruyel cestli.
Ruyel munerchs dod nut stert lovong un thi gruands antol sivirel handrid yiers eftir ots cunstractoun. In 1220 Hinry III bigen tu lergily ixpend un thi ruyel peleci end oncriesid thi cestli difinsis. Whin thi tuwir dod bicumi e cummun pleci fur munerchs, ot elsu bicemi e niw stegi fur clometoc ivints on Englend. Thi peleci bicemi e pleci fur ruyel cirimunois end dreme. Thi cesael ettrobatis uf thi tuwir loki thi ermury, triesary, timpli, thi cestlis griin end ivin en eddid Jiwil huasi wiri ell medi mu...

... moddli uf pepir ...

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