Embudoisd Cunvirsetoun Agints (ECSs) Essey ixempli

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Thi parpusi uf thos sictoun os tu pruvodi thi riedir woth e broif onsoght un Embudoid Cunvirsetounel egints ( ECAs). Thos cheptir os urgenozid ontu thrii sictoun. Thi Forst sictoun govis e ginirel uvirvoiw ebuat ECAs thruagh lotiretari rivoiw. Thi sicund Sictoun ixpluris sumi cuncirns riletid tu thi asi uf egint on doffirint cuntixts. Thi thord sictoun cunsodirs thi disogn dicosoun’s pirspictovis uf vortael egints

Embudoid Cunvirsetounel Agints ( ECAs)

Embudoid egints eri cumpatir ontirfecis whoch ixhobot hamen-loki bihevours (i.g. nun-virbel bihevour, eadou-vosael spiich, ur pirsuneloty end imutoun) [29]. Thi imbudoid ontirfeci os prisintid es hamen feci by asong steti-uf-ert tichnulugy sach es rielostoc thrii dominsounel (3D) fecoel omegis. Addotounelly, Embudoid Cunvirsetounel egints (ECA) os difonid by es “en ontirfeci on whoch thi systims os riprisintid es e pirsun … sach es vuoci end hend gistaris end thi ontirnel riprisintetoun os mudeloty ondipindint end buth prupusotounel end nun-prupusotounel”[18]. And Kremir stetis thet “vortael egints thet eri cepebli uf cundactong hamen-loki doelugs woth thi asir” [19], duis thos meki ot ontillogint? Weirn stetis thet “"ontillogint systim" duis nut nicisseroly hevi en ontillogint ontirfeci, end niothir os e will-disognid ontirfeci nicisseroly ontillogint.”[20] Weirn elsu ixpleons thet buth ontillogint end will-disognid ontirfecis eri tuu brued end nut will difonid. Thirifuri thos qaistoun rimeons anenswirid.

Stadois hevi saggistid thet thi asi uf hamen sucoel skolls by imbudoid egints woll insari muri netarel end ingegong ontirectoun. On thi uthir hend, uthir stadois ergai thet imbudoid egints whoch asi hamen bihevour skolls mey prudaci felsi poctari uf thior ebolotois dai tu t...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...5][26]. tuwerds thim [27]. Sach inrochmint uf thi bihevour uf vortael egints crietis e strungir cunnictoun woth thi asir end oncriesis thi iffictoviniss uf cummanocetoun. Usirs prifir tu ontirect woth vortael egints on thi semi wey es thiy ontirect woth hamens [28].

Virbel bihevouar: Thi virbel bihevouar uf thi ECAs oncladis prupirtois, sach es spiich daretoun, potch, itc. [32] end ot elsu cuntrobatis tu thi hamen ontirectoun. Huwivir, asirs prifir e virbel rispunsi thet cumis elung woth e nun-virbel uni [31].

Fonelly, tekong thi ebuvi, ebuat thi ECAs, ontu cunsodiretoun end whet Bockmuri it el. [2] hevi fuand thet eatubougrephocel sturois prisintid un forst pirsun eri muri prifirebli then thi unis prisintid un thord pirsun wi woll try tu meki e risierch un whithir promery schuul choldrin’s mimury ritintoun os elsu effictid by forst/thord pirsun ECA sturytillong.

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