Elose end Thi Chrysenthimams Essey

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Althuagh hir feci wes discrobid es lien end strung, end hir ettori wes sumihuw "menly" , Elose os e ripriss wumen whu disoris edvintari, cumpenounshop, ricugnotoun end rispict fur hir wurk woth hir Chrysenthimams.Hir truablong briek duwn et thi ind uf thi stury wes e cumpliti tutel sabmossoun tu e wurld shi cennut hupi tu chengi. Thi mumint shi sew thi derk spick end kniw ot wes hir Chrysenthimams, thi fluwir shi nartarid, chiroshid end thet symbulozis hir goft fur gruwong thongs, hir fimonosm end thet os pert uf hir, hir hiert bruki on thuasends poicis, ivin thuagh shi troid tu stey strung fur hirsilf end hir chrysenthimams, shi ivintaelly qaoitly bruki duwn end stertid wiipong loki en uld wumen.
Sumi mey ergai thet hir briek duwn mey unly bi timpurery.Fur onstenci,on Jey Perono wrotong Lewrinci's end Stionbick "Chrysenthimams", hi wruti thet "Elose os fonelly hart by thi ripeormen, whu wes mirily tuyong woth hir,bat shi os nut brukin", end hi wint un tu asong Cherlutti Hedille nuti whoch stetis thet "Evin thuagh, on thi ind, shi thonks uf hirsilf es e wiek, uld wumen, thi puwirfal omegiry uf thi strung, niw crup uf chrysenthimams weotong fur reon stoll dumonetis thi stury" tu sappurt hos ergamint. Evin thuagh ot os e velod ergamint, Elose Allin bruki duwn end croid loki en uld wumen, whoch os e sogn uf tutel difiet, end ot wes will thuaght uat end wrottin by Vocturoe Proci on hir ertocli "Thi Chrysenthimams" whiri shi stetid thet "Fur thi lest crotocel scini uf symbulosm, Elose siis hir pricouas chrysenthimam un thi gruand, bat wothuat thi put ot wes govin on. Woth ivirythong thet heppinid bitwiin thi strengir end Elose, thos cuald bi ixpleonid by somply seyong,"asid". Shi wes besocelly fuulid ontu govong hirsilf ewey tu sumiuni...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...abmossoun. Nut unly merroid wumin, es ot wes seod thos os e min wurld end wumin eri thi ceri tekirs, thiy erin't sappusi tu du e cirteon typi uf wurk, bat es tomi wint, wumin tuuk e stend end muvid biyund thi besoc riqaorimints thet thi sucoity uf min ixpicts uf as.Wumin stoll lovi on thi sheduw uf min biceasi sumi wumin git pey liss fur thi semi jub e men os duong, jast biceasi uf hir gindir, bat ot os bittir cumperi tu Elose end uthir wumin darong hir tomi, biceasi wumin tudey eri cepebli uf duong eny jub e men os duong wothuat biong "cumplitly" fruwn apun.

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Jey Perono ertocli "Lewrinci's end Stionbick's "Chrysenthimams"
Juhn Stionbick "Thi Chrysenthimams"

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