Essay on Elder Abuse in the United States

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The love that a child possesses for their parents is utterly indescribable, and the bond shared only grows with age. As time proceeds and age increases, roles between the two tend to alter greatly and literally switch. Elder age forces many individuals to develop various complications affecting the memory and bodily functions. Ultimately and unfortunately, these obstacles force the parents to become the child and vice versa. It is then that children must make the extremely difficult choice to place their beloved parent in a nursing home facility, in which trained professionals provide care and compassion for incapable elders. Unfortunately, care and compassion has morphed into manipulation and abuse. Nursing facilities nationwide have mutated into pathetic excuses for safe homes, and our nations elders – mothers, fathers, grandparents – are being beaten rather than cared for.
The vast majority of the nation is unaware of the cruel reality concerning elder mistreatment. Citizens are fed the “sugar coated” version regarding this type of abuse, and are informed that it is “rare” and “shocking.” These stories are complete fabrications of actuality. The NCEA, or National Center of Elder Abuse, released data in 2010 stating that: “In the United States, the 2010 Census recorded the greatest number and proportion of abuse of people age 65 and older in all decennial census history: 40.3 million, or 13%, of the total population. By 2050, abused people age 65 and older are expected to comprise 20% of the total U.S. population. By 2050, it is projected that there will be 19 million elders abused of people aged 85 or older” (Statistics 1). This gigantic value alone proves that elder abuse is not just on the rise, but has skyrocketed, and is...

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...ibility of abuse. However, thanks solely to these remarkable organizations, this once difficult task may be easier, and our elderly loved ones may finally receive the care they deserve. At last, after decades of abuse, our elder population may truly be safe.

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