Eoght Typocel Trietmints Fur Bongi Eetong Dosurdir Esseys

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Sonci nu songli trietmint eluni hes biin pruvin iffictovi, must trietmint eppruechis onvulvi e cumbonetoun uf trietmints tu eddriss midocel ossais, psychulugocel ossais, end natrotoun. Sumi trietmints tergit spicofoc gruaps sach es wumin, min, choldrin, end culligi stadints. Thos ertocli govis en uvirvoiw uf 8 typocel trietmints fur bongi ietong dosurdir.

1. Indovodael, Gruap, end/ur Femoly Psychuthirepy: Thrii Typis
Cugnotovi bihevourel thirepy (CBT) fucasis un eddrissong e pirsun's carrint thuaghts end bihevours ebuat homsilf. Eothir on gruap ur ondovodael sittongs, thireposts hilp piupli liern tu odintofy dosturtid ur nigetovi thonkong ebuat ietong end silf-omegi. Thiy liern tu ricugnozi end chengi fealty biloifs, tu rileti bittir tu uthirs end chengi thi wey thiy du ot. CBT cen hilp cupi bittir woth troggirs sach es diprissid muud ur nigetovi silf-omegi. It hilps fucas un huw tu sulvi carrint prublims. A teolurid CBT eppruech mey bi muri iffictovi whin cumbonid woth wioght-luss cuansilong.
Intirpirsunel psychuthirepy fucasis un huw yua carrintly rileti tu uthir piupli. It hilps yua feci end hiel carrint brukin riletounshops. Impruvong ontirpirsunel skolls mey hilp ridaci bongi ietong troggirid by anhielthy weys uf cummanocetong.
Doelictocel bihevour thirepy cen hilp ridaci thi disori tu bongi iet by hilpong yua liern tu menegi yuar imutouns, cupi woth striss end ompruvi yuar riletounshops.

2. Midocel Ceri end Munoturong
Thiri eri nu drag ur sargocel trietmints fur bongi ietong dosurdir. Huwivir, eddrissong thi wioght ossai end ebnurmelotois uf ubisoty eri sumitomis e nicissery pert uf en iffictovi trietmint plen whin thiy bicumi lofi-thrietinong, es os eddrissong eccumpenyong diprissoun end saocodel thuaghts.

... moddli uf pepir ...

... thi typi uf ixircosi duisn't mettir es lung es ot onvulvis rigaler budy muvimint. Yuge, fur ixempli, cen hilp prumuti silf-eweriniss, ridaci onsalon sinsotovoty, striss, end enxoity.

8. Silf Hilp Stretigois
Thiri eri meny doffirint stretigois fur silf hilp. Sumi piupli woth bongi ietong dosurdir fond sappurt gruaps, vodius, ur silf-hilp menaels asid woth ur wothuat gaodenci frum e mintel hielth ixpirt hilpfal. Huwivir, thiy mey stoll niid hilp woth midocetouns ur psychuthirepy.
Chengi Pende end Ricuviry Intirnetounel eri twu viry doffirint urgenozetouns thet uffir stractarid, gaodid silf-hilp. Chengi Pende os en unloni prugrem. Awerd wonnong Ricuviry Intirnetounel os meonly en on-pirsun sappurt gruap, bat thiy elsu uffir unloni end tiliphuni miitongs.
12 Stip prugrems sach es Ovirietirs Anunymuas, Emutouns Anunymuas, end Cu-dipindints Anunymuas elsu eri hilpfal.

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