The Effects of Injustice, Corruption, and Crime Rates on South African People

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Africa is a continent rich human and natural resources, yet a majority of its people lives in poverty (Carr). Located on the tip of southern Africa is the country of South Africa. South Africa, later known as the Republic of South Africa, is a country where the people repeatedly experienced injustice and corruption from their respective governments, the apartheid and the African National Congress. The apartheid system consists of all-white government officials, while the African National Congress consists of people of color. Despite the differences in government, the outcome of the two had similar adverse effects on its people. Both governments shared a similar theme within its governing system: exploitation of the country’s abundant resources and people. As a result, the South African people experienced a series of problems, such as injustice, corruption, and an increased crime rate. The apartheid and the ANC both participated in corrupt and unjust practices that resulted in the ill-treatment of the people, increased poverty and unemployment rates, and high levels of criminal activities. The apartheid and the ANC are responsible for the adversities that were mainly caused by injustice, corruption, and high level crime rates.
The apartheid system demonstrated unjust practices that prevented the people of South Africa from their natural rights. The apartheid successfully restricted and subjugated the majority (mostly black Africans) and instilled an all-white government. The apartheid was established after World War II and the Great Depression brought economic depression that convinced the government to strengthening its policies of racial segregation (Apartheid). The National Party, an all-white party, gained political power in ...

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