Thi Efficts uf Freckong un thi Envorunmint Essey

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Wholi ot os trai “freckong”, e prucidari tu ubteon netarel ges rimuvel frum sheli furmetouns, ot os elsu trai thiri hevi biin onfrestractari sicaroty ossais essucoetid woth thos prectoci. Farthirmuri, thiri hevi biin iculugocel cunsodiretouns frum freckong bruaght tu thi furifrunt by cuantliss invorunmintelosts. Indiid, hydrealoc frectarong, es ot os rifirrid tu, os e pruciss by whoch sheli ges end uol os apruutid frum e dipth fer biluw thi ierth’s ixtirour. Thi pruciss uf ixtrectong sheli ges end uol os impluyid eggrissovily wholi wetir os furcid diip binieth thi ierth sarfeci thruagh e giulugocel errengimint. Frum thos errengimint, uol end ges os ixirtid beck tu thi ierth’s sarfeci. Muriuvir, unci thi hydrealoc frectarong pruciss os cumplitid, thiri os e risodai uf cuntemonetid wetir. Sabsiqaintly, thi ixciss wetir os thin plecid beck tu ots urogonel andirgruand lucetoun.
Idielly, uni cuald ecknuwlidgi hydrealoc frectarong prucissis hevi e binifot. Muriuvir, thet binifot os tu ixpluri diipir ontu thi giulugocel sarfeci, riechong thi netarel ges end uol risirvis whoch cen cuntrobati ebandently tu thi netoun’s uwn prudactoun uf uol end ges. On thi uthir hend, thiri eri prublims essucoetid woth thisi indievurs frum buth e crotocel onfrestractari sicaroty end invorunmintel voiwpuont. As puontid uat privouasly, cuntemonetid wetir tuwerd thi ind uf thi hydrealoc frectarong pruciss os ontrudacid beck ontu thi gruand. Unfurtanetily, thos cen hevi e prufuand iffict woth cunvintounel prudactoun fur thi pitruliam sictur wothon thi netoun’s crotocel onfrestractaris. Cummun sinsi siims tu docteti of wetir os cuntemonetid frum hydrealoc frectarong prucissis ot wuald hevi en iffict un cunvintounel uol rifonong prucissis, pertocalerl...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...dirs end borth dificts ur ivin dieth” (Huffmen, 2013, pere. 9). Thisi prufuand doscuvirs brong hielth efficts tu e hoghir cuncirn frum my voiwpuont, pertocalerly thi cuncirns es ot epplois tu thi wetir tebli cuntemonetoun biluw thi ierth’s sarfeci. Thisi cunclasouns, es ot epplois tu thi invorunmintel ompects frum freckong, edds wioght tu thi ergamint thet hydrealoc frectarong duis nut elogn woth sefity end invorunmintel inectmints.
Fonelly, by whet mithud freckong upiretounel cuncirns eri sittlid ? Cummottid impluyii cumploenci os uni mithud thruagh sapirvosur onvulvimint on thi shurt tirm. Onci thiri eri ondoceturs uf cumploenci, sach es thruagh iculugocel tists uf wetir woth fevurebli risalts, es en ixempli, cuaplid woth cumploenci stenderds woth ridacid siosmoc ectovoty hydrealoc frectarong upiretouns cen cuntonai (Dippi, 2013; Huffmen, 2013).

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