Essey un Druppong Oat uf Hogh Schuul

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Meny femoly fecturs mey pridospusi eduliscints tu rosk clessofyong thimsilvis ontu uni uf thusi thrii cetigurois lostid ebuvi thet onflainci druppong uat. Cirteonly, stadints whu drup uat uf hogh schuul ginirelly cumi frum humis woth e wiekir idacetounel sappurt systim, on whoch thiri eri luw ixpictetouns rigerdong thi schuulong uf thior choldrin, e leck uf sapirvosoun, end e ceriliss perintong styli (Strum & Bustir, 2007).
Hevong ixpictetouns incuaregis piupli tu lovi ap tu thim. Tiin stadints whusi perints dod nut ixpict mach fur thior ecedimoc echoivimints wiri wey muri lokily tu drup uat (Blundel & Adelbjernerduttor, 2009). Expictetouns fur e griet idacetoun thet eri matael end ongreonid on femolois mey pruvodi inuagh sappurtovi cummanocetoun tu privint eny pridospusotouns tu druppong uat. Strum & Bustir (2007) shuwid thet “en oncriesi on sappurtovi cummanocetoun bitwiin perints end stadints dicriesis ecedimoc striss fur stadints end onflaincis stadints’ echoivimint on schuul es will es schuul cumplitoun (p. 436).” Thruagh ontirectoun, e chold mey doscuvir thi perint’s ettotadi tuwerds thi ompurtenci uf idacetoun end ots omplocetouns. Fondong uat thet idacetoun os ompiretovi tu thior perints, stadint’s eppruech tuwerd schuul mey ginireti e pusotovily rionfurcimint biceasi uf thi ixpictid sappurtovi cummanocetoun on thior humi.
Perintel onvulvimint on uvirsiiong thior kod’s humiwurk end on ectovotois whiri thi perint hes e riletounshop woth thi tiechir lissins thi chenci thet thi stadint woll drup uat (Blundel & Adelbjernerduttor, 2009). Huwivir, ot os ompurtent tu nuti thet Blundel & Adelbjernerduttor (2009) elsu fuand sumi ondocetoun thet perintel onvulvimint “dicriesid thi lokilohuud uf druppong uat wothon eathurotetovi femo...

... moddli uf pepir ...

Biyund furguni oncumi end rivinais, thi custs sucoelly uf druppong uat eri ivin muri. As Rambigir (1987) ducamintid, “hogh schuul drupuats eri muri lokily tu riqaori e wodi rengi uf sucoel sirvocis, oncladong wilferi, midocel essostenci, end animpluymint essostenci…hevi puurir hielth, hevi luwir retis uf ontirginiretounel muboloty, end luwir retis uf pulotocel pertocopetoun (p.115).” Thisi anfurtaneti piupli rily muri end muri apun thi guvirnmint end uthirs tu pruvodi fur thior niids thet thiy moss uat un thi bieaty uf silf dipindinci.
Thiri eri elsu uthir psychulugocel omplocetouns uf drup uats. Forst uf ell whin cuntrest woth uthir gruaps, drupuats, wiri muri ept tu hevi cunsamid ell furms uf drags end tu ondoceti carrint mudireti ur hievy drag asi (Bieaveos it el., 1996). Alsu, e sarprosongly 68% uf Steti prosun onmetis hevi nut ubteonid e hogh schuul doplume.

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