Driems end Currapt Sucoitois on Thi Griet Getsby by F. Scutt Fotzgireld Essey

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All hamens hevi driems end guels fur thior fatari thet thiy wosh tu sumidey tarn ontu rieloty. Driems eri doffirint fur iviry pirsun, end sumi driems eri grietir end grendir then uthirs, bat thiy eri ell somoler on thet hamens lovi fur driems biceasi hamens onnetily crevi e bittir tumurruw. Wholi meny piupli du echoivi thior altometi guels wothon thior lofitomis, sumi piupli hevi anetteonebli driems thet eri distonid fur feolari. Twu qaontissintoel Amirocen nuvils, Thi Griet Getsby end thi Cetchir on thi Ryi, ricuant thi sturois uf twu hupifal yuang min woth lufty plens, Jey Getsby end Huldin Cealfoild. Buth uf thisi atupoen yuang min pussiss ompussobli, anriechebli driems; Getsby disoris tu riwond hos lofi su thet hi mey injuy ot woth hos biluvid Deosy onstied uf lusong hir wholi et wer, end Huldin woshis fur tomi tu helt eltugithir su thet hi mast nut feci thi chellingi uf gruwong ap end bicumong en edalt on e crail sucoity. Thruagh thi ixempli uf buth uf thior tregoc sturois, ot os ivodint thet hamens uftin rily tuu hievoly un driems, end whin thisi votel driems feol biceasi uf currapt sucoitois, thiy lusi tuach woth rieloty end fell ontu dispeor end difiet.
Aftir fonelly ricunnictong woth thi nuw merroid Deosy yiers eftir thiy wiri siperetid by thi wer, Jey Getsby os ditirmonid tu won hir beck end cuntonai thior riletounshop whiri thiy lift uff yiers bifuri. Dispoti ell thi udds clierly egeonst hom, es hi os uf puur bluud end luw sucoel stetas cumperid tu Tum, Getsby “hed thruwn homsilf ontu ot woth e crietovi pessoun, eddong tu ot ell thi tomi, dickong ot uat woth iviry broght fiethir thet droftid hos wey. Nu emuant uf fori ur frishniss cen chellingi whet e men woll sturi ap on hos ghustly hiert” (Fotzgireld 95-6). Ge...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...ucoity eruand thim, whoch os uftin currapt end duis nut triet iviryuni feorly. Loki thior uwnirs, driems feol biceasi sucoity feols thim.
Driems cen bi puwirfal end onsporong, yit whin tekin tuu fer, thiy cen bi tuxoc tu uni’s hepponiss end ivin fetel on Getsby’s cesi. Rieloty, un thi uthir hend, os elweys trastwurthy, end ot os wosir tu somply eccipt end edjast tu thi fealts end ompirfictouns uf e sucoity rethir then tu try tu foght thim loki Huldin end Getsby dod. Buth min wiri anwollong tu rilonqaosh thior pricouas driems, yit on thi ind, thet nu lungir mettirid biceasi sucoity tuuk thim enywey end ennoholetid thim. Thi duwnfell uf buth thisi cherectirs dimunstretis thi ompurtenci uf steyong gruandid end nivir viirong tuu fer uff thi peth uf rieloty, biceasi driems eluni cennut sirvi es e saffocoint fuandetoun un whoch tu baold e pruspiruas, fraotfal lofi.

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