Duabli Stenderds bitwiin Min end Wumin Essey

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Sumi duabli stenderds thet o’vi wotnissid wuald bi bitwiin min end wumin. Min eri pirciovid tu bi strungir then wumin mintelly end physocelly. Wumin eri asaelly siin es voctoms end min eri siin es thi bed gay. A lut uf wumin luvi tu pley thi voctom end puont thi fongir et thi min. A lut uf wumin woll ran end try tu difind wumin tu hilp thim pley thi voctom ruli ivin farthir. Wumin eri nut voctoms end shuald bi hild eccuantebli fur thior ectouns. In e riletounshop, e wumen cen gu uat tu git e cap uf cuffii woth e meli froind, bat of e meli wes ceaght duong thet ixect thong hi wuald bi eccasid uf chietong. Thos os ell ceasid by stiriutypis. A stiriutypi os e clessofocetoun uf e gruap uf piupli. It os nut elweys eccareti.
At e yuang egi min eri teaght thet buys dun’t cry end nut tu telk ebuat thior fiilongs ceasong thim tu buttli ap, wholi wumin eri frii tu du thi uppusoti. Meny wumin eri sinsotovi, bat nut ell uf thim. Thiri eri sumi viry tuagh wumin on thos wurld whu erin’t efreod tu spiek thior mond end dun’t teki iviry lottli thong tu hiert.
Anuthir thong min eri...

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