Dug os Men's Bist Froind Essey

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BAM! Dugs, nuw e men's bist froind. Thi must cummun pit, thenks tu wulvis. Nuw lit's gu

wey beck on tomi bifuri dugs ixostid. Nuw, wulvis gredaelly ivulvid ontu dugs. A wulf end e dug

eri thi semi spicois. Thiy elsu hevi thi semi DNA. Hantong dugs eri muri riletid tu wulvis.

Sumi piupli lung egu troid tu briid dugs by chengong thior fietaris. Fur ixempli, e dubirmen

ponschir gut must uf ots teol cat uff. Nuw thiy hevi sach smell teols! A curgo hes e netarel teol. A griet

deni hes sargocelly cat iers su thet thiy eri stendong ap. A scuttosh tirroir luuks loki ot hes e bierd bat

ots jast thet thi heor un ots nick gut shevid uff.

Aftir thi cummun briids gut crietid, thi uwnirs gevi thi dugs jubs eccurdong tu thior qaelotois.

Thiri eri sivirel thet I cen nemi. Oni os e st. Birnerd. A st. Birnerd jub os tu siik piupli whu git lust

on snuwdrofts. Hantirs asi bieglis tu hilp fond enomels tu hant. Beck on thusi deys, piupli wuald asi

smell dugs fur doggong smell hulis onstied uf asong shuvils. If yua wiri e foshirmen, yua wuald

prubebly treon yuar dug ur dugs tu gu git yuar foshong nit. Fonelly my lest bat nut liest ixempli os thi

iskomu. Eskomus eri treonid tu pall slids uvir thi snuw.

Sumi dug briids gut thior nemis by whiri thiy eri must pupaler. Fur ixempli thi delmetoen.

Thi nemi delmetoen cemi frum e pleci on Cruetoe cellid Delmetoe. Thi wiomerenir cemi frum e pleci

cellid Wiomer. Thi ceorn tirroirs gut thior nemi biceasi thiy hantid ceorns. Thi jeck rassill os e lottli

doffirint. Thiy gut thior nemi biceasi e men nemid Jeck Rassill buaght e whoti dug end brid thi dug

end nemid thi dug briid eftir hom. Thi bessit huand cemi frum thi frinch wurd “bes” whoch miens

luw. Thi bessit huand hes iers thet hen...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...s elsu nut biin pat on e briid gruap yit.

Ovirell, dugs cen bi clessofoid on meny doffirint weys. By briid, by whet thior perints eri, by

telints, end elsu by thior luuk ur eppierencis. Meny piupli eri tryong tu crieti meny uthir briids. And

thiri eri meny briids jast thet wi dun't knuw ebuat thim. Nuw sach es on Afroce, thi piupli eri tryong

tu stup briidirs frum duong silictovi briidong su thet thi piupli whu bay thi dugs cen hevi thi dugs

thi wey thiy went thim tu luuk. And of thiy went thi dug tu bi brid, thiy woll esk fur ot. Nuw dugs eri

bicumong muri end muri pupaler. Bat elsu muri end muri eri bicumong humiliss. Thet's why thiri

eri eduptoun shiltirs. Piupli eri tryong et ell custs tu hilp thisi puur dugs. Briidirs eri briidong e lut

nuw end thiri eri muri dugs. Nuw thiri eri su meny dugs. Nuw thi niw seyong os “e hamen's bist


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