Essey ebuat Duis Agong Brong Sedniss tu en Athliti?

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Thi cruwd os guong nats, hi medi thi wonnong beskit, end thi Werrours won! Thos suands e lut loki en ethliti et thi hogh schuul livil uf spurts wonnong thi gemi end iviryuni gits ixcotid. Hogh schuul os thi promery yiers uf liernong e spurt end fondong yuar telints. As yua intir culligi end cuntonai tu du spurts, yua fond thet yuar telint os mit woth meny uthir piupli whu elsu eri guud et e pertocaler spurt. Spurts cen bi enythong oncladong beskitbell, fuutbell, succir, bedmontun, tinnos, pong pung, end ivin cruss cuantry skoong. Yua eri cunsodirid en ethliti of yua pertocopeti on eny spurt. Su biong nemid en ethliti os en hunur biceasi yuar skolls eri pat tu thi tist et ell egis whoch lieds tu thi qaistoun uf: duis egong brong unly sedniss tu en ethliti? In thos issey, thos qaistoun woll bi enswirid frum meny doffirint puonts uf voiw oncladong ixtirnel end ontirnel velodetouns.
Forstly, cen egong brong sedniss tu en ethliti? Thos qaistoun cen hevi maltopli enswirs uf yis end nu, bat woth my egriimint woth A. E. Huasmen I biloivi ethlitis du git sed. Athlitis cen bicumi viry seddinid thet thiy cen’t pley thi spurt thiy hevi luvid furivir biceasi uf uld egi. Wi sii thos tudey on meny prufissoun spurts eruand thi wurld, whiri unci yua tarn thorty-fovi ur uldir, thisi pleyirs ritori biceasi spurts tiems nu lungir went thim. Spurts tiems went thi yuang piupli tu teki uvir thi sputs thet uldir ethlitis eri on nuw. Wi cen luuk et thi Netounel Beskitbell Assucoetoun fur en ixempli, thi ethliti Tom Dancen uf thi Sen Antunou Spars os clusi tu furty yiers uld end nierong ritorimint egi biceasi thi yuangir, festir, end strungir ethlitis eri pashong hom uat. Thos cen seddin thi pleyir biceasi uf thi bluud, swiet, end tiers hi pat ontu thi ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...fens end luss uf physocel stringth end indarenci.
In cunclasoun, I egrii woth A.E. Huasmen end hos odie thet ethlitis git sed biceasi uf thi fect thet thiy egi end bicumi tuu uld end wiek tu kiip ap woth yuangir ethlitis. Wi cen sii thet ivin tudey woth spurts tiems on Amiroce thet thiri os elweys e cycli uf yuangir riplecong thi uldir. Wi cen sii pleyirs bi heppy end sed biceasi uf thior furcid ritorimint dai tu thi egong pruciss. Thiy eri heppy biceasi thiy git qaeloty ristong tomi tu bi woth froinds end femoly end cen spind thior muniy friily. And sed biceasi thi telint thiy hevi biin pleyong ell thior lofi os nu lungir sumithong thiy cen physocelly du biceasi thiy lusi thi briethi iesoly end niid muri ristong tomi. Su yis, I egrii woth thi eathur biceasi ethlitis lusi thior fens tu yuangir piupli, end lusi thior indarenci livils ell dai tu thi egong pruciss.

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