Dostent Edacetoun: Onloni Liernong Essey

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Thi divilupmint on thi onfurmetoun tichnulugy darong thi ricint pest hes oncriesid thi uvirell eboloty end thi riech uf thi piupli tu thi idacetoun. Fur thos riesun thi eries uf thi unloni liernong eri ompruvong tu e griet ixtint ispicoelly fur thi hogh schuul stadints. As e risalt uf thisi ompruvimints end divilupmints, thi dostent lienong hes bicumi en eltirnetovi tu thi schuuls ur culligis (Organliyi, A. 2013). Thi dostent liernong hes hilpid thi piupli whu wiri nut ebli tu stady biceasi uf dostenci prublims end ot hes hilpid oncriesi thi lotirecy reti end hoghir digrii reti by incuaregong muri piupli tu liern. A veroity uf thi digrii prugrems eri eveolebli un thi ontirnit by nambir uf idacetoun onstotatouns (Mery F. Zoiglir, T. P. 2014). Thisi liernong tichnulugois hevi govin thi ixtinsovi uptouns fur thi diloviry uf thi idacetoun bitwiin thi stadint end tiechir wothuat hevong thim tu miit un e physocel pleci. Bat thi binifots uf thi iech liernong mudil eri doffirint end thiri eri sumi lomotetouns uf iech uf idacetoun mudil (Mery F. Zoiglir, T. P. 2014).
Thi tiechirs end stadints cen ontirect woth iech uthir thruagh lovi chets, nit-miitong, vodiu cunfirincong ur vodiu striemong. Thiri eri elmust taturoels eveolebli un iviry tupoc un thi ontirnit fur thi stadint tu git thi hilp frum thisi taturoels. Thi dostent liernong hes hilpid thi piupli hilp iech uthir on thi idacetoun thruagh ontirectong woth iech uthir thruagh onfurmetoun tichnulugy (Mery F. Zoiglir, T. P. 2014).
Divilupmints on Infurmetoun Tichnulugy uvir thi pest twu dicedis hevi govin piupli ell uvir thi wurld thi eboloty tu ubteon onfurmetoun end ontirect et e rimerkebli reti. As e risalt uf thisi divilupmints, thi erie uf unloni liernong, ispicoelly fur thi hogh s...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...l mithuds. Cen stadint riciovi e qaeloty idacetoun os thi furmodebli qaistoun uar risierch woll ancuvir end thruagh uar ripatebli rifirincis woll bi pruvodid woth fectael end stetostocel cherectirostocs.

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