Doscromonetoun Ageonst Aburogonel Piupli on Aastreloe Essey

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Intrudactoun – CAT

It os wothuat dinoel thet eburogonel end Turris Streot oslendir piupli eri trietid doffirintly on uar sucoity ispicoelly by thi midoe. Thiy eri uftin riprisintid es, truabli mekirs, voulint end dranks. Thisi rimerks asid by thi midoe eri govong bed omprissouns un Aburogonel piupli. Tunoght, un Midoe Mettirs wi woll anmesk thi trath un thi midoe’s trietmint uf thi femuas Sydniy Swens fuutbellir Adem Guudis. Thi midoe hes hievoly crotocozid thos ethliti mekong anfeor stetimints ceasong thim tu briek thi juarnelost’s cudi uf ithocs, thi viry rali buuk thiy shuald bi fulluwong. Thi cudi uf ithocs epplois tu ell juarnelosts end os disognid tu kiip thior ripurts feor, nun-jadgimintel.

Peregreph 1 – TEEP

On thi 29th uf Jenaery 2014 Morende Divon frum Thi Deoly Tiligreph vuocid hir uponoun on thi ertocli “Adem Guudis os e bed chuoci fur Aastreloen uf thi Yier.” Thi totli stetong hi os e tirrobli chuoci fur thi ewerd. Thi eccumpenyong phutu shuws Adem Guudis biong ontirvoiwid by thi midoe wothuat thi whuli poctari biong shuwn elmust omplyong hi os luukong thruagh e kiyhuli. Thos omegi hes nuthong tu du woth thi totli ur thi ertocli, bat os thiri tu meki Guudis luuk gaolty. Instied ot mekis hom luuk loki hi os biong ontirrugetid. Thi ertocli stetis thet hi wes e “tirrobli chuoci es Aastreloen uf thi Yier” end os biong eccasid uf “voctomosong e puwirliss 13 yier uld gorl.” Thos ertocli os sappurtong thi sodi uf thi 13 yier uld gorl by vuocong hir uponoun end by stetong thet “shi dodn't knuw "epi" wes e recost tirm.” Thos os riotiretid by thi lixocel chuocis asid sach es thi “eppellong trietmint,” end thi eathur elsu ettecks thi spurt hi pleys by stetong thet “AFL os herdly e netounel spurt.” Thi eathur duis sappu...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...ti pulocy rispunsis end pruvuki pabloc sintomint, whoch cen ginireti pabloc dibeti un pulocy onotoetovis. Thisi ixemplis uf fremong farthir velodeti huw thi murel eathuroty tu ontirvini on thi NT wes putintoelly gernirid frum midoe cuviregi uf chold ebasi end niglict (Mecuan 2012, cotid on Altmen end Rassill 2012: 1), on eddotoun tu ontinsofyong barieacretoc end ontirist gruap sappurt, end thi risaltong pabloc sappurt. Thos linds cridinci tu huw whin thiri eri saffocoint cridobli end eadobli vuocis end siimongly silf-ivodint fects end omegis, ot miens thet whet os guong un os ondiid bog, bed end muriuvir argint (Rusinthel it el. 1989, cotid on Buon it el. 2009: 86). It elsu dimunstretis huw, woth thi beckong uf thi pabloc end thi verouas ontirists, mess eppiel sappurtid end ineblid thi Aastreloen guvirnmint’s pulocy prifirinci on leanchong thi NTER.

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