Discipline in the Perfect Classroom

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There are two choices for you as you want to study. A noisy classroom or a quiet one?

Which one do you like? Without doubt, The one that has discipline is the correct answer.

Discipline is important to education because it influences the environment, teachers and


What is discipline in your mind? Discipline is the act of training someone to obey rules or

certain behaviors. That means that seriousness, hard-working and beyond. Students should

remember well what they are playing of in school. As students, even undergraduates who

are big boys, must mind your own business. Not only keeping rules, but also listening

carefully. Of course, we stressing discipline does not mean staying away from relaxation

and happiness. Under the discipline, you can do what you want to.

Why should we stress discipline? The famous Canadian Chinese psychology professor

Jing Shao Lun once said: " the teacher must make discipline become an important part in his

teaching, its importance is not lower than the subjects required course." So, the classroom

discipline management is not only an important part of the teaching work, but an important link to

organize teaching,.

To mention just a few, a good learning environment is one of which the discipline will lead

to. You must be crazy if the class is noisy. You may say you are capable of managing

yourselves. However, obviously, the bad influence must have been done. Your learning

efficiency will fall. Do you remember the story about mencius' mother moving her residence

three times? Even mencius' should be in a good environment so that he could be a great thinker.

What about you? One suggestion to slove the problem is wearing the same school uniforms.

Just like the remark in the article ‘ The School Uniform Question ’ that school uniforms influence

students to act responsibly in groups and as individuals.

Then, thing about your teachers. In university, most classes are large. That bring about

truancy phenomenon. And it especially happened in optional courses. I often witness some

students leave the class when the teacher is giving the lesson, under others’ and the teacher’ nose.

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How bad! Do they respect the teacher? Do they realize they are students? Do they know how

to spell the word ‘discipline’? That may make the teacher feel bad, and then the students who

remain may not get a good teaching. In contrast, a good discipline will let a teacher come to a

good form, and then students will do well in classes. In Japan, the discipline is legendary. So

even in large classes, students can get a nice learning quality in Japan and other developed Asian

countries. Good teaching discipline to ensure the quality of teaching. But for teachers, they

should think about students’ emotion. Simply criticism to stop students’ disobeying rules often

does not work. It does not improve the efficiency of the classroom, but will reduce the effect of

class teaching. ( Wangcui 2009) Just think more about students and give an interesting lesson.

Last but not least, discipline leads to success. If you do not manage yourself, you are taking

away time when you make you better. Learning to keep self-discipline is an important

skill to adapt to the society. The possession of this skill enables you to choose, and then

persevere with your actions, thoughts and behavior, in order to accomplish a goal. (Remez Sasson

2003) as students, they must have the consciousness of self discipline, and persevere in it.

In conclusion, a good discipline is essential to all of us to be perfect. It will lead to a better

education and the come to a better future. Let us keep it up.

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