Essay on The Development of Public Administration as an Academic Discipline

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The development of Public Administration as an academic Discipline
2. Foundation Phase of Public Administration
First Public Administration was started at only one university and when time goes on it started to spread across the world wide and also it was then available at the universities around the world.As we know that Public Administration as a discipline has originated at the United States.The study of public administration it was written by Woodrow Wilson and this may show that public administration originated from political science.
There is also a thing about what can government do to improve the quality of life/needs of the people around the world wide.Admnistration is a part of government.Wilson also provided the rationale for public administration to be and academic discipline and professional speciality.The work of government could be divided into decision making and execution.Not everyone is interested in studying public administration.
As we all see that public administration is important to be used because we seek service delivery from government.Public administratin must provide and also increase its services to the people.History of public administration can be linked to the theory of knowledge because public administration is everywhere in the world.The history of public administration is focused to improve/change thins globally.
The government services are increasing as well as public administration is in work.Public administration is facing to change each and every problem it comes across in the society.Wilson has found that American government are joined with gorvernments for the pursuit of common purposes(as cited in Stillman,2005,page 15).Wilson has distinguish between political and administration.

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... government to deliver service delivery to people in the different communities.Government has to provide people with their needs.
The government increase as the public administration was working.There was a division of workers in order to improve service delivery to local government and municipality so that those ones can deliver service delivery to its community members.Later on the study of pubic administratio started to be introduced on other Universities across the world wide.

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